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Truck driving can be a fun an exciting career. Every day, truck drivers meet and overcome new challenges driving long hours and crossing hundreds of miles.

It is also a rewarding career with numerous opportunities for anyone who enjoys working while touring the country. Our goal is to connect truck drivers with some of today’s most successful trucking companies.

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Take The First Step

As a truck driver, you can enjoy an excellent salary, a great job, and the open road.

However, not everyone has what it takes to be a truck driver. If this is your first time considering a truck driving job, be sure you meet the requirements. To get started, you must have your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This training will consist of both classroom instruction and time behind the wheel. If cost is an issue, new drivers may consider connecting with a trucking company that may sponsor their training and education. 

What will you learn when you train for your CDL? In the classroom, you’ll learn skills such as logging, map reading, accident prevention, and the handling of hazardous materials. On the training range and on the road, you’ll learn the techniques needed to drive a big rig, such as backing and turning, shifting and defensive driving maneuvers. You’ll need these skills to secure the best trucking jobs in your area.

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6 Tips to Land Better Truck Driving Jobs

1. Become a Reliable Source for Your Dispatcher

The company dispatcher is your source for excellent assignments. When you work for a company, a dispatcher can make or break your job and can have a direct effect on your income and your happiness. Get to know your dispatcher to find out what they like and what makes their job easier. You can then do your part to make the dispatcher happy and hopefully find yourself assigned to the best truck driving jobs the company has to offer.

2. Become Certified in Hazmat or Other Types of Driving

If you want to advance in the industry and get better, more lucrative work, then you should consider becoming certified in different specializations. One of the best ways to make more money and get a better truck driving job is to become hazmat certified. You’ll be held to a higher safety standard, but you’ll also stand to make more money!

3. Take Continuing Education Courses

Your truck driving career is more than just sitting behind a wheel. It involves time management, organization, business savvy, and communication. Make yourself a well-rounded truck driver by enrolling in continuing education courses. Many community colleges offer these types of classes, and your trucking company may help pay for them. You could take classes related to money management, leadership, or business operations to help you become more attractive to future employers and your current company.

4. Enhance Your Sales Skills

We know, you’re not in sales. You don’t work at a used car lot and you certainly don’t sit at a cubicle in a call center. But sales skills, which involves communication, persuasion, and negotiation can help anyone in any field. If you want a better trucking job, a basic foundation in salesmanship won’t hurt a bit, so read a book, take a class, or watch a video on selling.

5. Stay Involved with the FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is dedicated to preventing large truck and bus crashes. By staying connected to this important safety group, you not only get the latest information on the industry, you also show current and future employers that you are dedicated to being a safer, smarter truck driver, which could open the door for new jobs.

6. Look for Dedicated Truck Driving Jobs

A dedicated truck driving jobs, where you are assigned to a particular client or route, is a great option for many truckers. It offers a more predictable schedule and helps you have a steady income. Many truckers prefer this type of job, so keep an eye open for any opportunity, either with your company or another, for a dedicated route.

Find The Best Trucking Jobs 

Trucking is one of the most interesting and unique careers on the planet, but like many careers, people who work in the trucking industry are always looking for better opportunities.

Whether it’s more money, better hours, or consistent assignments, if you are looking for better truck driving jobs, you can get started today.

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