The Windy City has always been a great place for CDL jobs. In Chicago, there are tons of companies that use the city as a central processing route between shipping lines. This gives you the chance to get exposure with a wide variety of trucking companies that offer an extensive array of truck driving jobs.

However, because of the vast number of trucking jobs from which to choose, it can be incredibly intimidating to try to break into the transportation industry without some kind of help. provides a way for novice and veteran truckers alike to find ways of getting into and around the industry.

So What Types of CDL Jobs in Chicago are Available?

CDL Jobs in Chicago | Truck Driving Jobs
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Due to the significant amount of shipping and traffic that goes into and out of Chicago, you could find almost any kind of truck driving jobs imaginable. With our job search engine, you don’t have to do the legwork yourself. By browsing our website, you’re able to fill out and submit a simple form to allow companies to review your skills and experience, and determine whether you're a good match for the jobs they offer. Furthermore, you can look at which truck driving jobs fit your needs and desired pay, and apply to them directly, without having to wait for them to come to you.

1. Company Driver CDL Jobs in Chicago

One of the most common options is to find a company where all you need to do is drive the truck – the carrier handles the scheduling, routing, loading, and maintenance for everything else related to their CDL jobs. While this option tends to pay less, it is also significantly more financially stable, because you are working for an existing company and don’t need to worry about finding new lines of work.

2. Team Driver Trucking Jobs

Team driving is another common type of driving arrangement. Team driving is one way of handling long distance CDL jobs in Chicago because, while one person drives, the other sleeps. Being able to keep the rig moving nearly constantly, around the clock, means more jobs completed, more work done, and thus more money earned. Obviously, you need to have a high level of trust to team drive with someone, which is why it is most commonly an arrangement among spouses and long-term partners. Gives You the Answers That You Need for Chicago

It doesn’t matter if your question is about the transportation industry, how to find information about trucking companies, or even just a matter of exploring your options. When it comes to CDL jobs in Chicago, we are your best stop because of our expertise when it comes to trucking companies hiring in Illinois. For example, because of the various differences in roads, clearance, and vehicle safety, Chicago has a wide array of specific routes that trucks are required to take, based on their classification. These routes are in turn based on both the daily expected volume of traffic, clearance restrictions, and a combination of weight limit or lane width. Whatever your questions, gives you resources to navigate your way in the trucking industry.

Simply put, driving a truck and working CDL jobs in Chicago can be significantly harder without the help of!

CDL Jobs in Chicago