Class A CDLA Class A CDL, or commercial drivers license, authorizes you to haul major trucking shipments around the country. When you think of truckers carrying loads from one coast to the other, flatbeds hauling supplies, or big semi-truck tankers pulling gasoline or other liquids, you are imagining the life of a Class A CDL driver. These drivers are a major portion of the American trucking  industry and transportation system, allowing goods to be readily transported and for commerce to continue without interruption. While often forgotten about, Class A CDL truck drivers like these are heroes of our nation, making certain that goods and supplies get to where they are needed no matter how long the distance.

With all of this pressure and importance, Class A CDL drivers need to be able to quickly and simply find trucking jobs that match their driving criteria. Whether they are Owner Operators and own their own truck, are leasing their truck to later buy, part of a driving team, or looking for a direct position with a carrier, it is important that drivers have the ability to find trucking jobs easily rather than spend weeks and months of valuable on the road time job searching for the right carrier. To combat this time loss, has employed an experienced crew of employees with their own prior trucking industry experience to gather together likely carriers and jobs into an easy to search trucking job board.

Class A CDL Job Applications Sent In Real Time

With our jobs board, Class A CDL drivers can narrow job results for driving jobs by state, driver type, or trailer type. Once they have chosen the type of job they are seeking and supplied information on their credentials, special licenses they may possess, and type of truck they may be using, provides drivers with a list of potential jobs that match their criteria. This allows drivers to complete ONE application to be sent immediately for all relevant positions chosen, rather than wasting time sorting through hundreds of carriers and open positions with each of them. A driver’s application will be immediately sent to the carriers in question and a response will be sent within a few hours to a few days, depending upon the carrier. even allows drivers to research and investigate carriers further, letting drivers know that the company they are choosing to work for meets their standards of operation and pay.

We are very aware of what drivers on the road require. Our website also provides quick and easy links to weather, traffic updates, fuel prices, and potential routes that can make your driving job safer, more economical, and easier. With one quick click, a driver can access all of these features as well as an industry blog with news important to truckers and those that hold a Class A CDL license.

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