Class A CDL | CDL Jobs Trucking ApplicationsTo become a truck driver, there are a few requirements that one must meet, other than acquiring a class A CDL, before applying for truck driving jobs. You must not just be properly licensed with a commercial driver's license, but you must also go through the proper training to become a truck driver. A career in driving can offer you the opportunity to earn a reliable income while touring the country by way of the long, open road. In order to obtain a class A CDL, you must know the federal laws and regulations of truck driving. You must also demonstrate the ability to properly maneuver, drive and operate a vehicle over 26,000 pounds. A commercial driver's license test must be passed prior to employment in the trucking industry.

A Class A CDL, Driving School, and the Opportunity to Travel: A Career on the Road

CDL jobs give you a chance to tour the country while still earning a respectable income. These jobs require long hours, but offer great benefits. Driving jobs are allowing those who love to drive an opportunity to have a career doing what they love.

Company truck drivers can earn an average salary from $35,000 to $55,000 annually. Those who train other drivers, own and operate their own rig, or those willing to drive hazardous materials and dangerous loads are paid more. The pay helps to compensate for the risk involved with the drive.

Long Hours on the Open Road

Many people applying for trucking jobs will find that a trucker's schedule doesn't leave much leisure time while on the road. Strict delivery guidelines and schedules can keep you on the road for days at a time. Due to the long hours, federal regulations have been put in place to help prevent drivers from becoming overworked. These guidelines state that for every 70 hours worked, a driver must rest for 34 hours before getting back on the road. This regulatory intervention also helps ensure drivers are alert and safe to be on the road.

Those interested in becoming a truck driver can find and apply for current truck driving jobs through We can assist you in finding the perfect job for you. We also keep you informed by way of up-to-date industry news. Many people who love to drive are turning to a career in driving as a reliable way to earn an income. If you are properly trained, and hold a class A CDL, you can be on your way to an exciting, new career in the trucking industry.