Heavy Haul Trucking | Apply For Driving JobsIf you are looking to get into heavy haul trucking, one of the best ways to do so is through CDLjobs.com. The transportation industry is one that, almost regardless of the economy, constantly needs people and always has room for entry level drivers. While there are many benefits to working trucking jobs, it is important to understand both the benefits and the drawbacks prior to getting into this type of industry. By using our site to find information on trucking, get connected with a variety of carriers, and find CDL jobs, you can make sure that you understand the needs of the company and how those needs balance against your own.

Heavy Haul Trucking in Your Town

To begin with, one option for this kind of work is to choose truck driver jobs that are focused on staying in your city. While this means that you’ll be home significantly more often than with other jobs, the pay is usually less as well. An example of this type of truck job could be a cement mixer which needs to be transported  to a construction site in the morning, and then moved back to the garage in the evening.

Regional Trucking

Many trucking companies focus on regional trucking routes. What this means is that while you will be required to drive loads and routes that take you away from home, the routes themselves are generally shorter. This type of trucking can have you away from home for as little as a day, but often these routes may take a few days. As might be imagined, heavy haul trucking jobs like these pay a little more than ones that keep you within your city.

National OTR Trucking

By far the most disruptive to your life, yet the highest paying, national trucking companies focus on heavy haul trucking across the entire country, and can have you away from home for weeks at a time on your route. This type of job is ideal for someone who doesn’t have as many obligations at home and can handle the life on the road as a trucker.

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So where do we come in? Since many of our visitors are new to the transportation industry, we provide free services for novice, as well as experienced truckers. Many trucking companies use us to post job information, as well as search our resume database for qualified applicants. For the low cost of absolutely nothing, you can easily create and post a resume for any heavy haul trucking companies you wish to have hire you!