High Paying Trucking JobsAre you a new driver looking for high paying trucking jobs? Let CDLjobs.com help you find the right job for you. We help drivers of all levels in their career find jobs that pay well. Whether you prefer driving alone, or part of a team, we’ll find the job that suits you.

Exploring Your Options

Many high paying trucking jobs are offered to Owner Operators. This means you work independently and own your own truck and equipment. Many Owner Operators prefer to drive solo. These drivers enjoy rolling down the highway listening to music or audio books. They make the most of their hard hours and long drive by taking breaks at truck stops along the way. During these stops they might meet new people, run into old friends or enjoy a quick tour of the local scenery. While Owner Operators drive long distances and work long hours, many find the job highly enjoyable. CDLjobs.com posts job openings for Owner Operator positions. If you own your own truck and are interested in high paying trucking jobs as an independent driver, you will want to check out our website. Many of the trucking jobs posted on our website offer great pay, benefits and a chance to enjoy the open road.

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Independent truck driving jobs may not be right for you. You might want to drive as part of a team, covering more miles more quickly by taking turns at the wheel. You might like the long cross-country hauls, or the ones that get you home in just a day or two. These are also high paying trucking jobs. Working as a team helps you cover longer distances in a shorter amount of time. You and another driver take turns driving. Many trucking teams enjoy each other’s company and the convenience of having a partner help them finish the job.

Where do I Find High Paying Trucking Jobs?

Whatever seems to be among the best trucking jobs for you could be yours when you partner up with CDLjobs.com. Once you qualified for your CDL and completed a training program, we will help you find high paying trucking jobs with a reputable trucking company looking for drivers. Our website offers you the advantage over drivers trying to find a job on their own. We list hundreds of trucking jobs each month, making it easy for you to find a job FAST. We provide you with one of the best trucking job match programs in the nation, with jobs offering great security and exceptionally good pay.

To apply for a CDL you’ll need a current driver’s license, United States residency and the ability to pass a physical and a drug test. Your record must be clean: no alcohol-related arrests in the past five years and no more than one such arrest throughout your life. Once you have your CDL, you can begin filling out job applications for high paying trucking jobs on our website.