Highest Paying Owner Operator Jobs | CDLjobs.com If you’re looking for the highest paying owner operator jobs, then CDLjobs.com is the perfect place to look. Owning your own rig is difficult enough without having to worry about which trucking companies to work for or which truck driving jobs to take. Our website offer the widest selection of CDL jobs and the widest choice of connections when it comes to the trucking industry, letting you browse through any available job listing for absolutely free. With just a few clicks, you can be looking through our listings based on what type of truck you drive and how far you’re willing to go.

How Do We Help You To Find the Highest Paying Owner Operator Jobs?

The first thing to note when considering the highest paying owner operator jobs is what is required in being a “doublestuff,” or Owner Operator. Unlike a company driver, O/Os need to own their own rig and are basically operating as an independent contractor. This means that any costs for trucking driving jobs are on the owner. Some examples of those costs would be the maintenance and repair of the rig, personal health insurance, and the like. As a result, it’s important for O/Os to know which trucking companies are the best to work for and which ones offer the best mileage pay.

Something to consider when looking for the best paying jobs for owner operators is the amount of time you’ll be away from home. The higher paying jobs are often ones that require travel across the country. Lower paying jobs often require in-city transit or being away from home for a shorter period of time. Traditional long haul trucking puts you on the road for a week or more at a time, moving freight and cargo to or from warehouses.

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 Resources for Owner Operator Jobs

CDLjobs.com also offers a collection of resources that are immensely useful to the independent owner operator. We provide everything from route information, companies and their current policies – all aimed at helping you get your rig and company moving as much as possible.

The best part about all of it is that we offer this service for free. At any point, you can log onto our website and access open trucking jobs for free; alternatively, you can post your application with your pertinent information for companies to browse your services and contact you for hire.

In short, by using our site, you can get everything you need to help your owner operator business not just keep moving, but get better and better. So if you’re looking for the highest paying owner operator jobs, look no further.