Layover | Apply For Truck JobsIf you’re stuck on a layover, losing hours or days, it is wasted time off the road without income. In trucking, driving is money, and time spent waiting and searching for your next job is lost income. Instead of spending those hours waiting, look for your next job here on

We offer one of the web's best resources for finding truck driving jobs quickly and easily. Connect with some of the best trucking companies out there, find your next job, and review our industry resources. These valuable planning tools are certain to make your life as a truck driver simpler, easier, and more lucrative. Instead of spending layover time waiting, use that time wisely to get your rig moving again as quickly as possible.

A Layover is a Waste of Your Time and Money

In trucking, keeping moving is what makes you money. If you’ve ever lost time between truck driving jobs waiting for the next job to start or searching for your next route, you know how critical it is to keep moving from job to job as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, applying to individual jobs and trucking companies can be time consuming and energy draining.

We offer one-stop job searching whether you are a long-distance owner operator with your own rig, or you are looking to step into a company driver role in your area. Our application form is easy to fill out and submit. Simply go to our website, click the APPLY button from any page, fill out the application for free, and apply to carriers of your choice. In only minutes, you can apply to all of the jobs that interest you or that meet your driver qualifications. Best of all, easy search features mean that you don’t waste time applying to jobs that don’t suit your skills or needs.

Safe and Secure? You Bet!

We know what truckers look for in their jobs. We also know that getting telemarketer calls and spam isn’t what you need to waste your valuable time. That's why we don’t share your information with anyone. In fact, we’ve structured our application to be so fast and easy to use that we don’t risk your privacy by storing it long term. Each application session with us is new, fast, and easy, saving you time while ensuring that your private information stays private. Simply enter your information, submit it to the postings of your choice, and wait for interested companies to reply to you. Don’t spend your next layover waiting – line up your next trucking job instead!

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