Lease Purchase Trucks | CDLJobs.comIf you’ve considered the arrangement for lease purchase trucks, then you're in the right place to learn more. Many trucking companies offer this arrangement where you can take truck driving jobs in order to get on your feet in the trucking industry. is one of the best places to get started as you travel from being a novice driver to a “doublestuff.” This term refers to an owner operator who owns their own truck and has more flexibility to take jobs at their own pace, instead of a company driver who has to take whichever routes the company assigns.

So How Does the Process for Lease Purchase Trucks Work?

Most drivers start with trucking companies as a company driver. This arrangement typical allows them to learn the ropes of the company and their routes, as well as get a feel for the overall industry. Financially, it is safer than being an owner operator, but pays less money because the risk, the truck, the maintenance, etc., all lay with the company.
These types of jobs are what most people think of when they think of the trucking industry – cross country treks, long hours of driving, and being away from home for long periods of time. Because of the down sides of these jobs, many drivers start working toward the goal of owning their own rig to take the truck driving jobs that they prefer.

Some companies offer an arrangement called a lease purchase. Lease Purchase Trucks are initially owned by the company, but as you continue to work for them, you can make payments on the vehicle. Like most lease-to-own arrangements, you are chipping away at the cost of the overall price, but in reasonable amounts instead of one lump sum.

Lease Purchase Trucks | Can Help You Find the Right Companies

One of the best ways that we can help you is by giving you a place to connect with the trucking companies that you are looking for; those that offer lease-to-own agreements to their company drivers. Furthermore, once you’ve found the right company for you, we give you the ability to post your resume directly to them, allowing the companies to connect with you.

What About Me, the Owner Operator?

If you already have your own rig, then we have options for you as well! You may also browse our selection of trucking jobs posted by carriers looking for independent contractors or post your application to invite carriers to connect with you.

No matter which side of the lease purchase trucks situation you’re on, is the answer!