Local Truck Driving JobsIf you have obtained your CDL license and are interested in a trucking career that provides an excellent balance between a steady income and a flourishing home life, you might want to consider a position with a local trucking company.

Your search for local trucking jobs does not need to be a difficult one, whether you are a seasoned driver in search for a change of pace or a new driver just starting out. If you are looking for job openings among local trucking companies, you first need to narrow down your ideal type of position and the qualifications needed to secure the job. What exactly is a local trucking job, and how do you know if this type of career is right for your situation?

Local Truck Driving Job Requirements

Although many people might associate a truck driving career with long distances, some truck drivers obtain positions that require driving in the surrounding local areas only. Whether you are looking to secure a long-distance position or have the goal of a local trucking job, the criteria to drive a commercial vehicle will involve several factors.

All commercial truck driving positions will require a license and the driver seeking a local driving position will typically need to possess a Class-A CDL in order to qualify. Additionally, experience on the road or in training is usually necessary before securing a position.

Other qualifications, such as a clean driving record or other specific criteria can be company-specific. When applying for a local trucking position, make sure to review all qualifications listed to see if you fit the bill. If not, you can find ways to gain the experience or other criteria you are lacking before pursuing the position, or look for similar local driving jobs that will result in the same lifestyle outcome.

Examples of Local Driving Jobs

When discussing a career in truck driving, hauling a big rig long distances on the road is often what is called to mind. In many cases, local trucking companies need smaller trucks or vans to move goods from one company branch to another within the same area. Another example of a local driving job is moving items from distribution centers to retail buildings. This type of driving position is especially important for time-sensitive and perishable items that are kept locally or regionally and need to make their way to the customer as soon as possible. Often, these positions will be needed by retailers such as grocery stores or similar retail stores.

Installers and other types of construction companies need drivers to move installation materials from warehouse to the site, so local driving positions of this type are frequently needed. Some big rigs also need smaller, local drivers to accompany them through the area to haul items that are available locally and did not need to be sent as long-haul cargo.

Local Trucking Job Benefits

For some individuals, the idea of staying near home as a truck driver is appealing. Although long-distance driving does have its advantages, drivers who prefer to stay close to home might seek local trucking companies that will allow a less strenuous and more consistent schedule. The appeal of sleeping in your own bed every night could be a strong one. In general, local truck drivers often report an improved work-life balance and a better change of pace for those who grown tired of long-haul positions.

Depending on the company, some additional benefits could be offered for starting your career or making a career change. The appeal of these additional benefits will be different depending on what will help you the most in your life.

  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Set, guaranteed schedules
  • Retention or loyalty bonuses
  • Lease-purchase options for entrepreneurs

How To Find Local Truck Driving Openings

After you have decided what types of local positions you are willing to explore, the next step is to discover which local trucking companies are currently hiring. One of the easiest ways to find open positions is by searching trucking jobs in an online database like CDLjobs.com. This type of search engine will save you time and frustration because you can explore positions by location, type or company and then review the qualifications to see if the position is a good fit for you.

Whether you are just starting out in your trucking career and need an entry level position, are an experienced long-haul driver looking to switch gears and give local trucking a try or are looking for career advancement within the local trucking industry, you can find a position that is right for your situation on CDLjobs.com.  

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