Long Haul Truck Driving JobsTrying to find long haul truck driving jobs can be as time consuming as driving a route itself. With so many websites offering links to jobs you do not want, do not qualify for, or are simply difficult to navigate, trying to find your next job can be frustrating and take valuable time, costing you money and efficiency when you’d rather be on the road earning money. 

CDLjobs.com however, can take a great deal of the work out of finding your next long haul truck driving jobs. CDLjobs.com is not just another trucking jobs board, but is managed and run by a staff with actual trucking experience.  Their staff can assist you in finding the best jobs for your needs and schedule and has chosen information and resources that can help you manage your work search.  CDLjobs.com posts a variety of long haul truck driving jobs, shorter routes, full time carriers, and many other types of driving work all tailored to your needs as a driver.  You can search job listings from multiple carriers based on your rig type, job needs, and a variety of other specifics to narrow your job search. 

Long Haul Truck Driving Jobs In a Snap

With CDLjobs.com you follow a quick, effective process to finding your perfect driving job. First, complete ONE simplified driving application with your information and submit.  Next, choose the trucking companies that you wish to have receive your application. You may choose the carriers that match your needs based on pay, length of routes, location or a variety of other factors.  Once you hit "submit," your trucking application is sent to carriers in real time so expect a response from the carriers who match your criteria quickly.  Responses for long haul truck driving jobs may arrive in a few minutes or a day or two depending on the carriers you have chosen.

Long Haul Truck Driving Jobs | CDLjobs.com

Industry News and More

We take your search for long haul truck driving jobs a step further by offering resources for you to manage your routes and find the best and least expensive way to complete your truck driving jobs.  With convenient links to weather, maps, truck stops, and fuel price checks, CDL Jobs can be your one stop shop for resources on the road.  Convenient and informative online "News & Notes" pages provides industry news, tips for travel and health, and ways for you to stay healthy on the road.  Because this website is managed and staffed with caring people who know and have experience in the industry, they can bring the best advice and up to date information to you even while you’re traveling on long haul truck driving jobs.