Long Haul Trucking JobsAs someone coming new to the realm of long haul trucking jobs, one of the central questions to be raised is the decision to remain a company driver or aim towards being an owner operator driver. CDLjobs.com, through the use of their search directory, can provide a wide variety of job options for either the owner operator or the driver seeking a company job. The choice between these two options is one that will absolutely impact your role and your experiences in your career of commercial truck driving.

Long Haul Trucking Jobs as an Employee

The advantages of being a Company Driver for most long haul trucking jobs is that you maintain many of the benefits of a regular, employed, job. Your company provides a paycheck, as well as medical benefits just like any other job. Additionally, the company itself provides the truck along with any kind of service, maintenance, or repair that the truck might need. If the truck becomes too old, gets worn out, or otherwise damaged, then the company will replace it.

The benefits of being a Company Driver center on the idea of not having to have personal responsibility for the truck itself during the course of your career.

Working For Yourself

As an Owner Operator however, the truck is yours. As an independent contractor, you find your own long haul trucking jobs and charge fees for distance traveled, time, and type of load.  Unless you are contracted with a carrier, you are not beholden to any one particular company.

The pay scales between an Owner Operator and a Company Driver are incredibly different. While the pay for Owner Operators may be greater, an Owner Operator has a number of additional responsibilities towards making certain that his rig is road worthy, safe, and able travel the distances required for long hauls trucking jobs. As the owner of the rig, any maintenance, repairs, and so forth would be on the Owner Operator's shoulders and not the responsibility of the company.

Now that you know the different routes to take in the truck driving industry, go to the CDLjobs.com search directory today and begin browsing the trucking companies hiring drivers, truck driving jobs, and requirements for your new job. Regardless of your goals as a Company Driver or an Owner Operator, the search directory will provide you the links you need to begin to research the variety of trucking jobs that are available. CDLjobs.com provides all the information you need to find long haul trucking jobs.