Major Trucking CompaniesFor a lot of drivers, working for major trucking companies will become a big part of their careers. Smaller organizations often struggle to a greater extent or can’t hire as many drivers. That being said, depending on the distance you are willing to drive and where you are based, truck driving jobs from major trucking companies can be plentiful and provide you a consistent income.

Pros of Working for Major Trucking Companies

The biggest advantage that you get working for companies that are established and have plenty of business is that you’re unlikely to be without work. These types of companies have spent years building huge portfolios of enormous clients that always need something hauled, so there are plenty of trucking jobs to go around. Vibrant companies are always looking to hire people who can take on CDL jobs.

The other excellent thing about working for major trucking companies is that it is usually pretty stress-free. Unlike the issues that come with owning your own truck, you know that you won’t have to worry if your rig breaks down. You’re not responsible for cleaning it when you’re not on the road, nor do you have to pay the fees for registration. Your pay can have taxes deducted for easy filing later come tax filing time. You’re allowed to focus entirely on the trucking jobs that you’re doing, instead of anything else.

You can also learn how truck driving jobs work if you’re new to the industry. This experience is invaluable regardless of what your prospective career path is, so don’t dismiss it.

Cons You’re Likely to Encounter

Of course, it’s not all perfect. For one thing, as with almost any job, working for one of the big trucking companies means that you are working on their schedule. Unlike a local job, however, you may be gone for weeks at a time. That means missing important family events, being on the road during holidays, and often going places you may not want to be.

While a number of trucking companies keep new trucks on hand, some of them are running older rigs that may be more prone to breaking down. You don’t always have a choice in your equipment when you’re working for somebody else.

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