National Trucking CompaniesMany national trucking companies are looking for qualified candidates to fill their truck driving positions. is your one stop to find the best truck driving jobs that you are qualified for and submitting one simple application to every carrier that interests you. In this industry, you make money being on the road. Time is of the essence, so the longer you are sitting still looking for jobs, the less money you are making. We strive to save you time searching for jobs online, since you have money to make driving over the road.

About Us was founded in 1999. We provide an Internet service designed to safely and securely transmit job applications directly to the trucking companies you select. Our service is entirely free to truck drivers. There are no membership requirements, no login IDs or passwords. We have designed our service to be efficient, effective, and essential to finding trucking jobs that meet your needs and requirements. connects you with the national trucking companies looking to hire drivers. You can search by carrier, keyword or location as a start. Then you can narrow down your search further based on trailer and driver types. We not only give you the type of employee qualifications a company is looking for, but also the background information on many of the trucking companies, to give you a better feel for your next potential employer.

You know your qualifications and safety record. You want to spend time looking for truck driving jobs with national trucking companies that meet your needs and qualifications. Our website allows you to search and select the trucking jobs that suit your needs. Then, you can easily apply to all the trucking companies simultaneously by filling out and submitting our one page application. It is that simple.

What National Trucking Companies Want in a Driver

Many truck companies seek individuals based on their qualifications and driving history. If you are a safe trucker and follow the rules, you are more inclined to get hired by a national company. If you hold special certifications, then you possess an upper hand in the hiring process, and can expect to earn more money per mile when you are carrying a special load.

Whether you are looking for company driver or owner operator trucking jobs, you are sure to find the perfect job on our website. We help you find the job of your dreams with an extensive database of trucking companies and a classifieds truck jobs board. Our trucking company listings, combined with an extensive search directory targeted to the trucking industry, makes us the premier website for truck drivers looking to work for one of the national trucking companies.

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