5 of the Most Dangerous Roads in America

Truck driving is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Dealing with inexperienced four-wheelers and road rage drivers adds to the stress of any trucking job. Below are some of the roadways labelled among the most dangerous in America. Armed with this information and knowing key factors involved in trucking accidents will help to keep truckers safe on the job.

Most Dangerous Roadways for Truckers

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Rough Roads Ahead

1. Highway 2 - Montana 

Miles: 63 miles in the most remote part of the state.

The Danger: For ambulances to get crash victims to hospitals, they must travel an average of 80 minutes in the vast plains. Montana also maintains a 70 m.p.h. speed zone thru winding an mountainous roads which can add to danger during incliment weather.


2. Interstate 15 - California and Nevada

Miles: 180 mile straight stretch

The Danger: This roadway has very few turns, attibuting to high speed. Half of those killed were found to not be wearing seat belts. Drinking and driving and distracted driving have also contributed to many fatalities in this stretch of roadway.


3. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway - Louisiana

Miles: 24 mile long bridge

The Danger: A Guinness World record holder for the longest continuous bridge over water. Fog can roll in so thick that drivers cannot see the end of their own vehicle.


4. U.S. 550 - Colorado

Miles: 12 miles through Uncompahgre Gorge

The Danger: There are no guardrails and drivers who take the outside lane are perilously close to the edge of this roadway. The ascent of Red Mountain Pass is particularly scary, with its steep gradient.


5. James Dalton Highway - Alaska

Miles: 414 miles of dirt road

The Danger: While a more limited number of truckers will encounter this stretch of road, those who do must endure freezing weather, including the lowest termperature ever recorded in the United states at -80° F in 1971. This highway twists and winds around steep mountains with a minefield of potholes and there is just one fuel stop.


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