5 Reasons Trucking Companies Should Use Driver Recruiting Software

Our goal at CDLjobs.com is to provide trucking companies with qualified, interested driver applicants. We’re not in the business of simply throwing “leads” at Driver Recruiting departments in the name of volume…there are plenty of those sites out there.

One thing we cannot do, however, is hire drivers for your trucking company. That task falls on your Driver Recruiting department. But what happens to those pre-screened driver applicants once they are sent to you matters to us. That’s why we strongly encourage trucking companies to use recruiting software to assist in those efforts. After 20+ years in this industry, there are many driver recruiting software tools that we’ve found to work very well and are worth investigating for your recruiting department.

Hiring is always a tricky business, but it is trickier than normal when it comes to the trucking industry. Turnover and the cost of acquiring new drivers are high. Hiring the wrong driver can be a liability nightmare. Solid driver recruiting software helps you find the right drivers fast, saves you time on labor and time-intensive tasks, creates a better experience for the drivers you are hiring, and helps you measure your actual cost per hire, all while helping you stay on top of security and compliance issues. If you are still on the fence, here are some details.

Major Benefits of Driver Recruiting Software

1. Mobile communication and auto-complete apps

Most trucking company websites have a job application process that is counterintuitive and not optimized for drivers. Good driver recruiting software should enable drivers to complete applications using their phones or other mobile devices. Tenstreet uses an auto-complete feature that enables drivers to complete an application with their phone in minutes. Making the application process as fast and easy as possible without compromising the quality of the information, the result is that over 75% of Tenstreet’s driver application sessions result in completed applications.

2. Save time and labor on driver verificationsDriver Recruiting Software

Every trucking industry professional knows how cumbersome the verification process can be. This is an important step in vetting drivers, but if it’s not done quickly it can actually cause you to miss out on the best drivers. In many cases, verifications are still required to be sent via fax, because email is not a secure platform for this sensitive information. Carriers can spend many hours faxing, filing, and calling other carriers during this process. Tenstreet has created the Xchange network to relieve the burden, save time, and provide a secure platform for requesting and providing verifications. No more faxing, no more filing cabinets full of paper driver records, no more hours spent calling and faxing other carriers. It’s a no-brainer.

3. Create a better driver onboarding experience

Onboarding and orientation set the tone for an employee’s time at your company and can have a huge impact on a driver’s experience with you. It’s the last step to complete before you send a new driver out onto the road to represent your business and start earning money. Orientation is not only the culmination of all the time and money you’ve spent on recruiting and vetting candidates, it also represents a significant investment in its own right. For these reasons, you should always be looking for ways to improve your orientation and onboarding process. Digital onboarding means that forms completed are all easily legible and verified, and eliminates manually having to track what is submitted or missing. It also allows you to eliminate the expense of having subject matter experts physically present at each orientation, and instead use recording or simulcast presentations. Carriers who have adopted digital onboarding have seen savings of between 25% and 40%.

Advertising Returns

4. Measure and increase your marketing ROI

This is BY FAR our favorite reason. Do you know the ROI of your recruiting marketing efforts? It’s nearly impossible to measure the return with traditional driver recruiting methods. You place ads, but it’s often difficult to attribute that ad to an application if they don’t immediately complete the application. You could be wasting large amounts of money on advertisement methods that have never actually worked. The Tenstreet software platform automatically tracks leads from multiple sources, and adds them into its drip marketing system. Drip marketing enables you to reach a larger number of candidates and reduces the demand on your recruiters, allowing them to focus on closing warmer leads. Carriers who have used Tenstreet’s drip marketing have seen an increase of three to four times as many full applications submitted from their job board leads.

5. Keep your Driver Recruiting Department Compliant

Hiring safe, reliable drivers is one of the most important priorities for any carrier. In order to make sure that all drivers they hire are safe and qualified, most businesses rely on some combination of employment verifications, MVR’s, DAC employment history, criminal background checks, and PSP’s. These services can be extremely useful in helping you to identify and hire the right drivers; making use of the Pre-Employment Screening Program alone has been proven to help motor carriers reduce crash rates by 8%, and reduce the number of driver out-of-service incidents by 17.2%.Although background checks and employment verifications are invaluable tools, all data handled by them must adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the Privacy Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other applicable federal laws.

As you can see, the reasons to use any Driver Recruiting Software are warranted and verified. CDLjobs.com is compatible with Tenstreet, as well as a number of other valuable recruiting software systems, because we believe in them and their ability to help trucking companies in the Driver Recruiting process.

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Last modified on Thursday, 06 June 2019 15:50