5 Things Truckers Need to Know about Spring Cleaning Today!

Spring Cleaning for Truckers | CDLjobs.comAs a trucker, you only get so much time at home with your family, so you need to take advantage of every minute possible.

When spring cleaning comes around, it might seem like there is a lot to do. Between the garage, the house, the yard, your truck, and your trailer, you could easily spend an entire week on cleaning.

You can’t spend all of your home time cleaning, so make sure you are doing it efficiently and effectively. Then you can enjoy being with your family and friends before your next run.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Truckers

Cleaning the Home

You can make your home cleaning task more efficient by working top-to-bottom and circling around the room, either clockwise or counterclockwise. This method will ensure that every area is cleaned, and you won’t be jumping back and forth from spot to spot. Working top-to-bottom and vacuuming or cleaning the floors last puts gravity to work, as dust gets pushed to the floor and cleaned up at the end. Involve the whole family. Make it fun, and maybe even a bit competitive, by setting timers to see how much each family member can complete in 20 minutes!

Cleaning the Yard

Think teamwork for your yard cleaning. Get the family outside and assign specific tasks. Maybe you can handle larger sticks that fell during the winter, while your kids take care of smaller items or toys that have been left out. You can also use teamwork to rake leaves left from last fall. Have someone rake the leaves while someone else holds the container or trash bag. If you have a garden tractor with a small trailer, have someone drive while the rest walk around picking up items.

Cleaning the Garage

Oh man, the garage?! Yes, we have to talk about it, but with these tips, hopefully your garage cleaning will go smoothly and efficiently. Start by moving everything out of the garage and placing it on the driveway. Then decide what needs to go. Do you need that lawnmower that you were going to fix in 2004? What about those rusty golf clubs that haven’t seen the fairway in two decades? Donate, trash, or recycle all the junk that you don’t need.

Now decide what’s going to go where, and organize your garage appropriately. Use as much ceiling and wall space as possible, and organize your items. Put all the power tools on one shelf, all the bikes against one wall, all the sports equipment in one corner, and so on. When you’re done, you’ll be amazed at how much your garage just grew!

Cleaning the Truck

Spring cleaning is also a great time to clean your truck, but you can make it go quickly by having a plan. Start by cleaning out all the trash and unneeded items, take out the floor mats, then thoroughly vacuum the interior. Next handle the deep cleaning like wiping down the dash board, doors, and walls, cleaning the windows, and treating the leather upholstery. After you are done, clean or vacuum the mats as needed and put them back in place. Now you have a much cleaner truck and you hardly used any time at all.

Spring Cleaning: The Most Important Tip for Truckers

The most important spring cleaning tip we can give you is to always remember that quality time with your friends and family is more important than a spotless home or truck. You only get so much time at home, so don’t spend it all on cleaning. If you’re not quite done with spring cleaning, but you haven’t spent any quality time with your spouse or kids, drop the broom and go. Things will just get dirty again anyway!

Excellent Jobs for Dedicated Truckers

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