7 Christmas Gifts every Trucker will Love this Season

Christmas Gifts for Truckers | CDLjobs.comTruckers can be hard to gift shop for. Most truckers are highly-prepared and self-sufficient, meaning there’s not a lot that they actually need.

However, with a little knowledge and a few good ideas, you can still find the perfect Christmas gifts for any trucker on your list.

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Truckers

Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Every trucker knows that tire pressure is directly related to safety, efficiency, and driving control. However, monitoring the pressure in each tire can be a hassle. With a digital tire pressure monitoring system, the trucker you love can get real-time information on all of the tires. These systems can be slightly expensive (ranging from $200 to $600), so you may want to consider joining forces with family and friends to make it a group gift.

Power inverter
Not all trucks are equipped to handle household power connections, but you can add convenience to the life of a trucker by giving them a power inverter. There are many options ranging from $10 to $200, so you have plenty of choices for features, power level, and adaptability.

Kindle Reader
Does the trucker in your life love to read? They probably don’t have room for all those books and magazines. Do them a favor by giving them a Kindle reader. Compared to multi-use tablets like the iPad, these items are relatively inexpensive, coming in around $60 to $120. They give truckers plenty of options for books and magazines, all without taking up the space of a small library.

Slow cooker
The slow cooker is a handy tool for long-haul truckers to get a healthy, hearty meal while on the road, and you can find slow cookers that are made specifically for truckers. They have a locking lid, 12-volt connection, and a small profile that fits into any cab.

Eating healthy on the road is a challenge, especially when you don’t have a way to store veggies, fruits, yogurt, and other healthy yet perishable items. A mini-fridge is perfect for any trucker who wants to store food, and it can also help save time and money by not allowing leftovers to spoil.

GPS system for commercial vehicles
GPS systems are a great navigation tool, but some can easily lead truckers down the wrong road. However, there are trucker-specific systems made by companies like Rand McNally and Garmin that provide routing and navigation information that truckers can trust.

Mobile hotspot
You never know where delivery routes for trucking jobs may take a trucker, and having internet access is not always guaranteed. With a mobile hotspot, your trucker will be able to stay connected practically anywhere in the country. A mobile hotspot not only helps a trucker stay connected with friends and family, it can also make their work more efficient by connecting them with warehouses, managers, fleet operators, and other drivers.

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