Do You Want to Cure Boredom On the Road?

Audiobooks for Truckers | CDLjobs.comLooking for some quality entertainment for your next trip? Need something to occupy your time and cure boredom as you drive over the road? Take one of these audiobooks with you and you’ll have plenty to keep your mind alert.

7 Great Audiobooks for Truckers

1. Trucker’s Tales, Scott Murray
This book is a collection of short non-fiction stories about life on the road. While the stories are entirely made up, truckers will be able to relate to almost all of the different situations. Tales include driving in the wild, disputes with deliveries, and interacting with fellow truckers.

2. Blue Highways, William Least Heat-Moon
Truckers can relate to travel stories, and this piece is one of the most popular American travel writing to ever hit the bookshelf. The author shares his experience of taking to the road after separating from his wife and losing his teaching job. The title comes from his time in small towns connected by small highways mapped in blue. Truckers will appreciate how the author interacts with all sorts of people across the country, from sophisticated to seedy.

3. Elon Musk, Ashlee Vance
Drivers who are interested in engineering, technology, and the changing automotive landscape will be enthralled by Elon Musk’s biography. Musk is the founder of Tesla, the all-electric car company that is giving the major auto brands (as well as the dealership system) fits. The book may not deal with the trucking industry, but it’s riveting entertainment for anyone in transportation, engineering, and travel.

4. More Than Enough, Dave Ramsey
Because many truckers are self-employed contractors, financial education is essential. One of America’s favorite money experts is Dave Ramsey, a radio personality and best-selling author who provides advice on getting out or debt, building businesses, and saving for retirement. Pop this audio book in for a quick reminder on why you work so hard and save so much.

5. Trucker’s Road to Health, Efrain Arroyave
Like financial wellness, physical fitness is a trucker essential. This book will help you stay motivated and give you easy-to-follow steps on how you can stay healthy throughout your entire career.

6. Trucker Ghost Stories, Annie Wilder
Need something to grab your attention? Try out this collection of supposedly true ghost stories from truckers and the transportation industry. These tales involve creepy situations on the road that may be true, or may be just the perfect entertainment for your long haul.

7. Car Talk Classics, Ray Magliozzi
This many not actually be a book, but for years, Ray and Tom Magliozzi, aka “Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers,” were America’s source for car advice and knowledge, all well-seasoned with witty humor and banter. While Tom has passed away, the show is still aired on many NPR networks. You can listen to them whenever you want with this or any of their many “best-of” CDs.

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