Where to Find the Best Truck Stops in America

Best Truck Stops | CDLjobs.comThe life of a truck driver can be quite challenging. Drivers spend long stretches of time alone transporting goods across the nation. It is vital for truckers to take time away from their cab to rest and revitalize so that they may stay alert behind the wheel.

There are plenty of popular truck stops across the country. These areas aim to make trucking jobs easier and more convenient for drivers by offering amenities and conveniences that most people typically enjoy at home. You never truly appreciate a hot shower until you’ve worked as a trucker!

However, there are some phenomenal truck stops take their services to another level, offering entertainment and luxuries that usually come from giant malls, shopping centers, and hotels.

So where are the best truck stops in America? Let’s take a look at some of the the most popular to get us started.

7 Popular Truck Stops around the Country

Iowa 80: Walcott, Iowa

We’ll admit, we’re a little partial to this truck stop, since its Walcott, Iowa, location is near our home base. But we’re not the only people who love the Iowa 80 Truckstop. Officially known as the "World's Largest Truckstop," this location has all the services you could ask for, including an impressive 50-foot long salad bar.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Iowa 80 as not closed its doors since opening day in 1964. Not only can drivers refuel, the enormous facility has grown to offer drivers eight restaurant choices, a barber shop, chiropractor, dentist, a 60-seat movie theater, workout room, laundry facilities, truck service center, truck wash, pet wash, CAT Scale, 24- private showers, a trucking museum and more!

Join the staff of Iowa 80 each July, when they salute America's truckers during the 2-day Walcott Truckers Jamboree.

Whiskey Pete’s: Primm, Nevada

If you are traveling near the state line of California and Nevada, this truck stop, operated by Flying J, presents the perfect opportunity for rest and relaxation. You can find all types of stores and services, including a renovated hotel, casinos, outlet stores, and a 24-hour restaurant.

The property originated as a gas station owned by Pete MacIntyre. The story goes that Mr. MacIntyre wasn't making a profit on the gas station alone and began bootlegging, which earned his the moniker "Whiskey Pete." In 1977, the current casino property was aptly named Whiskey Pete's in his honor. For a bit of historic nostalgia, you can visit the lobby to see the bullet-ridden car in which the notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde met their demise.

Willkomm's Petro: Sturtevant, Wisconsin

Near the intersection of highways 94 and 20 between Milwaukee and Chicago, the Willkomm's PETRO gives truckers a wonderful experience for rest and relaxation. One of the highlights that makes this middle-America location one of the best truck stops is the in-house chiropractor who is also licensed to conduct DOT physicals. 

The Iron Skillet restaurant that is one of the most popular among professional drivers, serving hearty homestyle meals. Add in the amenities of laundry, arcade, movie theater and chapel, and you have a winning combination.

South of the Border: Hamer, South Carolina

Located just south of the North Carolina state line, South of the Border is a unique place for truck drivers to rest and take in some entertainment. Much like Iowa 80, the facility started out as a small beer stand in 1949 and has expanded over the course of many years to what now amounts to a small town. The roadside amusement area has some of the most unique Mexican-themed attractions, including a reptile lagoon, a 100 foot sombrero-clad statue of their mascot named Pedro, golf course, and even a wedding chapel. 

Pedro's Truck Stop, also known as Porky's truck stop, is located on the SOB grounds, brewing fresh coffee for truck drivers 24/7. Showers, supplies, a trucker's lounge, and a large covered picnic area are just some of the amenities offered at the truck stop.

Should drivers decide they would rather rest outiside of their cab, the campus offers a variety of renovated pet-friendly rooms at the South of the Border Motor Inn. Truckers may also choose to lodge at Camp Pedro, a campground fully equipped and offering barbeque grills.

Clearwater Travel Plaza: Clearwater, Minnesota

The Clearwater Travel Plaza has been serving professional drivers since 1976. Located west of the Twin Cities, this location has everything you would expect from a modern truck stop, including showers, a food court, a convenience store, and a lounge. Frequent visitors can take advantage of their VIP rewards program to receive digital offers and exclusive savings send directly to their mobile phone.

But what sets this location apart, ranking it among the best truck stops, is their award winning, down-home cooking, something every trucker appreciates! The restaurant serves a creamy chicken and rice soup that landed it in the top 5 trucks stops according to The Food Network.

The staff here understand that a truck driver's time is valuable and aim to make you feel at home when away from home. 

Jubitz Travel Center: Portland, Oregon

This might be the best truck stop to spend an evening. Jubitz Truck Stop offers everything the commercial driver needs including full-service truck maintenance and repair facilities, ample paved parking with free Wi-Fi, clean showers, a dog wash bay, laundromat, barber shop, high-speed fueling, deli, drivers lounge, and convenience store.

With 35 electrified parking areas, you can conserve fuel while your truck is parked, and if you want to enjoy some entertainment, the live music, dance lessons, and poker nights should help you unwind after a long day behind the wheel.

Dysart’s Truck Stop: Bangor, Maine

If you value great service and hospitality, along with authentic local cuisine, then this Maine truck stop should be on your list. The homemade comfort food has people from all over visiting this destination, and truckers will appreciate the modern amenities like free wifi, private showers, and a working mail room.

Where is Your Favorite Truck Stop?

One of the frustrations that professional drivers face when driving long haul is finding a convenient place to stop. Drivers need to rest and recuperate to stay alert on the road but having easy access, plenty of parking, and safe accommodations is key.

We hope that this list of popular truck stops will be useful for your next route. If you have recommendations for other truck stops to share, please let us know and your information may be featured in future CDLjobs.com news.

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