The Truth About a DAC Report: How to Make it Right

In the trucking industry, hiring the right people is vital. It’s a business that requires safe, reliable, and hard-working individuals who can complete dozens of different tasks.

The DAC report is one of the tools that employers use to select the right drivers. These reports, short for “Drive-A-Check,” give employers information on the background of a trucker. They have become an important part of trucking and every driver should understand what they are and how they work...

What Every Trucker Should Know about the DAC Report

What is the DAC Report?

dac reportBefore we talk about correcting the DAC report, let’s take a closer look at what it is and what is does. Essentially, the DAC is like a credit report for CDL drivers. It functions as a report that employers can use to get information related to a trucker’s work history. This report is highly detailed, and can include information based on driving record, employment history, past accidents, drug screenings, and more. There is almost nothing that can’t be entered into a driver’s DAC. It can include why a driver left a company, drug and alcohol history, and can even hold information related to how and why a driver left a company.

The problem with DAC reports, at least from a driver’s perspective, is that the information is given directly from past employers. You may have left a company in great standings, giving two weeks’ notice, returning all equipment properly, and working with the company to make the split easy on both sides, but a company may report whatever information they like.

Most trucking companies are honest and accurate, but sometimes false or inaccurate information may be left on a driver’s report. This false information can be very detrimental to the long-term success of a trucker, but you’re not stuck, as there are steps you can take to correct a false DAC report.

Correcting a DAC Report: Patience and Diligence are Key

Let say you worked for Fictional Trucking, but you decide to move on to a different opportunity. You give them your two weeks’ notice, work with management to make sure all equipment is returned properly, and handle the situation like the professional truck driver that you are. Two years later, you are seeking a new position with a different company, only to discover that there is a problem with your DAC report. Despite your best efforts, Fictional Trucking left an “abandoned equipment” record. The new company is now hesitant to work with you. What can you do?

The first step you should take is to acquire a copy of your DAC report. You can get a copy for free every 12 months; other copies are available for a small fee. With the copy in hand, you can see for yourself if the information is accurate or if it should be changed.

Next, you can file a dispute with HireRight, the organization that handles DAC reporting and distribution. The investigation process usually takes about a month, but the nature and scope of your claim will affect the timeframe.

If the situation is severe enough, you may consider hiring an attorney. When there are flat-out lies in your DAC report, a lawyer may be able to help. This step is major, however, and very few DAC claims warrant professional legal assistance.

Remember that getting anything changed on a DAC report is a long and often frustrating process. There will be lots of forms and verifications that you will need to complete, and the process can often take years. While you are trying to fix the report, you should also be working to demonstrate your value to potential employers. Having recommendations from former managers and instructors displays your good character and can help employers ignore information, false or otherwise, on a DAC report.

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