Does your trucking company want driver leads or driver applications?

You need to hire drivers in a tight market. Now. The initial knee-jerk reaction is to flood your recruiting staff with something to do, whether it's productive or not. Do you want leads or applications? First off, you need to fully understand the difference.
Applications vs. Leads
A "driver lead" refers to a driver who fills out an application and lets the advertising source decide who gets it.
This driver may have zero interest in working for your company.
This driver may not be qualified to work for your company.
This driver may have never even heard of your company.
A "driver application" refers to a driver who has completed the basic hiring information necessary to continue the process toward employment.
            This driver has met your minimum hiring criteria.
            This driver has chosen to send their application to YOU.
            This driver has researched you and WANTS to work for you.
Why It Matters
If you're looking to sort through hundreds of driver leads to find the few who are qualified and who want to work for you; we're probably not what you're looking for. However, if you believe in working smarter, not harder, we're exactly what you're looking for.
We can help. After all, your business is our business.
Last modified on Monday, 28 August 2017 11:42