Eye Care Essentials: 6 Tips To Save Your Vision

Truckers need to have excellent vision. Day or night, being able to see clearly is a matter of life and death, and every trucker needs to understand good eyewear and proper eye care.

If you want to have good vision through your entire trucking career, take a look at these simple and practical tips.

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Eyewear and Eye Care Tips for Truckers

Eyewear is a Tool
To be a successful trucker, you need to have the right mentality. This goes for trucking as a whole and for the small details, including eyewear. Think of eyewear as a tool. Like any tool, it is there to help you do your job right, has different uses in different situations, and should be maintained to deliver long-term quality. Some truckers keep three of four different types of sunglasses in their truck, with different tints for different levels of light.

Some drivers keep prescription sunglasses and un-tinted glasses in their trucks for day and night driving. Remember that eyewear, from shades to spectacles, is a tool to help you be a better, safer trucker.

Use Sunglasses in Bright Light for Long-Term Eye Care
Just like your skin, eyes can be damaged from long-term exposure to bright sunlight. Considering that good vision is essential for a career in trucking, it only makes sense that you should protect your eyes with sunglasses. UV rays can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and other vision problems. Make an investment in the future by wearing sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays.

Wear Your Prescription Glasses or Contacts At All Times
If you have a prescription that requires eyewear, always wear your glasses or contacts when driving. Depending on your specific situation, wearing your glasses may be legally required, and being caught not wearing them could result in fines and even the revocation of your CDL.

Don’t Wear Your Sunglasses at Night
Do we really have to say it? When the sun dips under the horizon, take your sunglasses off. Some might think it looks cool, but it’s really just being reckless. Be smart and take them off. Enough said.

Have your Vision Tested Every Year
Once a year, take the time to visit a professional eye doctor and have your vision tested. This appointment not only helps you get glasses that help you see better, but it’s an important step for maintaining excellent vision for your lifetime. Having the right glasses can help you see better and can even prevent headaches and other problems related to poor vision.

If the cost of an eye care exam is prohibitive for you, there are valuable resources available to help provide vision care.

Avoid Frames that Restrict Peripheral Vision
There are some pretty stylish and trendy frames for prescription glasses, but as a trucker, you are likely interested in the practicality. You can’t afford to have your vision obscured, so make sure you are wearing glasses that give you complete range of vision. This fit will help you see your mirrors and side windows better, making you a smarter, safer trucker.

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