5 Mistakes Carriers Make Recruiting DriversRecent reports say that there will be 250,000 more truck driving jobs than truck drivers as early as 2017.  The glass-half-full type smiles with job security comfort and the glass-half-empty type wonders how they’ll keep their job with that many open trucks.  Either way, you better get to work and try some ideas you’ve never tried before.  My old boss at Heartland Express always told me that the definition of insanity was continuing to do the same processes while expecting different results.  This definition fits perfectly in today’s Driver Recruiting world, and here are five things you’re not doing that you should consider.


Think of this as your run-of-the-mill Sunday newspaper type classified on steroids and a couple energy drinks.  As a client of at any service level, these are free. Free. So, why don’t you take advantage? Great question. Kick it up another notch and have your listing as a FEATURED CLASSIFIED. This option scrolls your job post across the front page of the website and is sent through social media channels to 20,000+ professional truck drivers EVERY DAY. A 7-day run is $149 and a 30-day run is $499 – both cheaper than what it will cost to run the same ad in a mid-size newspaper for one day.


What if you could speak with a prospective truck driver who was researching your company at the very moment they’re considering applying to you? DONE. For only $99 per month, you can have your current YouTube campaign or any video message you wish placed in the middle of your Carrier Profile page.  See an example HERE and then give me a call and let’s get this done for you.


The direct message e-mail blasts are reserved for our PLATINUM level clients.  Your message is delivered to 11,000+ current e-mail addresses. These aren’t bought addresses or addresses that have been sitting idle for months or even years.  They are current and subscriber only, so they are also receptive to hearing your message!


Perhaps the most cost-effective way to be seen by professional truck drivers today is by strategically placing your banner where drivers are researching trucking companies.  We have banner space availability for as little as $99 per month depending on where you want to place your message – these work!


Certainly not a service option, but rather a word of advice. Even as recent as a couple years ago, Driver Recruiters were more like “order takers." The bad ones still are. The successful Recruiters in today’s driver world are aggressive sales people who understand this is an extremely competitive market that you’ll fail in if you sit back and wait for your phone to ring.

We’re here to help you and work with you in your efforts – give us a call today to talk more about what we can do to help you and your Driver Recruiting Department become more successful in your search for qualified truck drivers.

Last modified on Tuesday, 22 August 2017 20:32