Get Your Driver Recruiting Mojo Back

Let’s take a quick look at some modern realities in the world of driver recruiting and see where you and your trucking company stand in relationship to them.

  • Drivers are social – your company needs to have a strong social media presence.
  • Drivers are mobile – you must be at least as mobile as they are.
  • Drivers expect an easy to use application process.
  • The availability of information about you and your trucking company is all online and instant.
  • Mobile friendly is not an option – it’s the new imperative.
  • The old 9-5 is now 24-7-365.

Finding professional over-the-road truck drivers is harder than ever, in part because driver recruiting departments have failed to keep up with best processes.  The good news is that it’s easy to differentiate your trucking company from most of your competition because many are terrible at marketing their truck driving job opportunities.

I get it; it’s hard to make changes.  You need to first convince the leadership team that change is needed. If they agree to add to your budget, then someone from driver recruiting must take the lead to implement the changes. And finally, you need to monitor the impact of the changes to prove to leadership that they spent their money wisely by adding to your recruiting budget. 

If you read any of the six bullet points above and cringed a little, you’re already behind the pack and not making changes is going to be a LOT harder later (if you’re still in business).


Here comes the cavalry!  Over the past twenty years of helping trucking companies recruit drivers through our website,, we’ve honed our operation and made so many changes to our processes over the years that I’ve lost count. Change is just a necessary part of doing business in today’s digital world.

The direct benefit to you is that we’re reaching drivers where they live, work, and play.  Our mobile responsive website is available through all devices on any platform.  Yes, it is THAT important. 

Our social media strategy is unmatched by our competition.  We approach drivers through every major social media platform and promote your individual job posts as well as the overall general application process on


Driver Recruiting mojoBefore you make any decisions about getting your driver recruiting mojo back, you need to make sure that you, your recruitment staff, and your entire organization are prepared.  Simply writing us a check and “being online” doesn’t quite cut it.  Yes, we will promote your truck driving jobs through our website and our social media outlets, but you must be committed to following up and HIRING these applicants.  Sounds silly to say that, but a lot of trucking companies fail here.

If all you’re doing is looking to fill a pipeline of applications into your system you can do it yourself.  If you want to reach targeted markets with your truck driving jobs, we can help through three different custom-tailored options.


This is a truck driver applicant who has matched the following criteria of your trucking job openings:

  • Location
  • Driver Type
  • Minimum Age
  • Experience Level
  • Trailer Experience
  • License Endorsements
  • Moving Violation / Accident Requirements

These drivers not only meet your hiring criteria, but they also must choose to send their information to you, so you’re receiving not only a qualified lead, but an interested one as well.

There are 4 different subscription levels to our MATCHED DRIVER LEADS program based on how much of a presence you need, ranging from $600 - $1,500 per month.


Featured job posts offer you the opportunity to direct potential employees away from our site to the URL of your choice, where you can capture a full DOT application should you choose to do so. Featured trucking jobs also receive higher exposure, scrolling across the home page, and are shown first in any driver related search. Featured Classifieds are $500 per month.


These are for trucking companies who are looking for very specific target areas and/or drivers. Text messages or E-mail messages can be filtered to reach drivers sorted by the following criteria:

  • Driver Type
  • Trailer Experience
  • Years of Experience
  • License Type

Truck driver leads can also be sorted by any of the following location values:

  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Area Code

Costs vary depending on the number of driver leads that you choose to receive your message. There is a minimum $500 spend on either of these driver recruiting mediums.

We also offer free creative services, full integration into your ATS, and monthly analytics reporting at no additional charge.

We would love to go to work for you. Let’s talk!

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