How to Find the Best Truck Driving Jobs

best trucking jobsProfessional truck drivers have a great opportunity to pursue new experiences and see places they otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to pass through. To get the most out of a trucking career, sometimes you need to know when you have to move on. Whether it’s a change of scenery, a new challenge, or looking for a place where you can learn more and become a better driver, there are plenty of opportunities in this industry, and there are always new ones popping up.

Even if you’re an experienced driver, understanding how to find truck driving jobs before hitting the market is a great way to ensure you are presenting yourself as the most attractive candidate wherever you apply.

Know What You Want 

Your goals will change as your career progresses, so it’s important you know what you’re looking for in a new truck driving job. Rookie drivers who have just finished school typically emphasize the benefits and starting pay, whereas those who have built up a nest egg to become comfortable might just want to try something different. That’s before you even get into the people who decide they need a raise and then hit the job market if it doesn’t come on time.

Your career is your own, so whether it’s improving your salary, owning your own business, or building a better life for your family, you need to have that goal in mind as you evaluate potential employers and the roles they would ask you to fill. After all, not everyone is built for a cross-country OTR trucking job. If that’s you, rest assured there are plenty of local and regional runs that can have you home every night or every weekend, as suits your needs.

Make Every Move a Promotion 

Unless you find yourself unexpectedly on the job market, there’s no need to rush the change to a new position. Take the time to hunt around for trucking companies that will provide you with the key benefits you want and need. You should improve in at least one of these areas without compromising your progress in others every time you choose to move jobs.

  • Benefits: From healthcare to retirement, the extra benefits beyond your salary can make or break a job. Paying for these benefits on your own can be extremely costly but having them bundled as part of your benefits package make them much more affordable.
  • Salary: Nothing says you’re appreciated more than a raise, and that’s why you should give yourself one as a matter of course when you’re changing positions. All that research and time spent submitting applications deserves some compensation, so make sure you get it by being your own best advocate.
  • Enrichment: How much does the company invest in improving its drivers? Are there continuing education and training options you can take advantage of to gain extra certifications and experience with more machines? Do they promote from within, and would you want that? These questions let you evaluate a job on the right merits when you are looking for a position that will help you define a new period in your career. 

Is the Trucking Company a Good Fit? 

If you’re looking at a short list of jobs that will bring you new opportunities, you need to be sure you’re working with an employer who also sees you as a long-term investment. That’s why considering their enrichment and professional development opportunities can be so telling. Trucking companies that might not be great long-term work environments can look like great opportunities at first. Here are some things to ask that will tell you whether you’ve found a quality employer:

  • Safety: What equipment is available at the company’s expense? How much training and reinforcement of its value do they do? Is this workplace truly committed to being as safe as possible, no matter where its drivers find themselves?
  • Infrastructure: From trucks to communication equipment, trailers, and more, the right equipment makes or breaks many workplaces. Do your prospective employers show they are willing to invest in new trucking technologies that improve both their capacity and their workers’ jobs?
  • Flexibility: There’s no such thing as a company that will let you do whatever you want, but you do need one that realizes people have lives. Asking about programs they have for flexible time off, sick leave, schedule changes, and other employee needs can help you decide whether they’re looking for drivers with families, if that is important to you.

Remember, when you’re exploring how to find truck driving jobs the key is finding the ones that suit you. Trucking is a diverse field, and you don’t need to settle for a job just because it’s available. The trucking jobs listed on offer all these benefits and more, and our simple application makes it easy to apply to several trucking jobs at once.

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