How to Find Outstanding Trucking Jobs for Military Veterans

Jobs for Military VeteransIf you have served in the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or Reserve, you should seriously consider one of the rewarding trucking jobs for military veterans.

Many trucking companies across the country make it a priority to hire veterans. By doing so, they not only enhance the life of people returning from service, they also strengthen their companies by hiring high-quality individuals with a record of integrity, proven leadership abilities, and an understanding of the vital importance of teamwork, among other skills, .

Why Trucking is a Great Career for Military Veterans

Military veterans have unique skills and attributes that are useful in every possible industry, but these characteristics are especially important for a career as a trucker.

First and foremost, military veterans from every branch have a strong work ethic. Sailors, soldiers, and Marines all know the value of working incredibly hard on a daily basis. As a trucker, you have to be independent and self motivated, and military veterans rarely need prompting or motivation from managers and dispatchers.

They also have a deep appreciation and understanding of teamwork. Military service calls for the highest level of teamwork, with everyone performing their job perfectly. Failure in the military is not accepted, as the team is counting on each and every individual to do their job to achieve their objectives.

For these reasons and more, trucking is one of the best jobs for military veterans. Combining both individual dedication and a respect for teamwork, military veterans are an excellent fit within the trucking industry, and many trucking companies make it a priority to hire these individuals. 

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Companies with Trucking Jobs for Military Veterans

There are many companies that offer trucking jobs for military veterans, but these are three of the biggest businesses that have a strong reputation for hiring America’s vets. If you are a veteran, there is a good chance that one of these companies has an opportunity waiting for you.


Victory Media, the publisher of G.I. Jobs and Military Spouse, named Indianapolis-based Celadon one of the most military-friendly employers in 2017. This honor was based on the company’s efforts to recruit veterans, retention programs for retired and active military, and company policies towards people serving in the National Guard and Reserve. Celadon embraces the experience of its military veterans and thrives as a result of its ability to your match military experience to the civilian job openings they offer.

J.B. Hunt

Ranked as a top military friendly employer for ten consecutive years, J.B. Hunt has a goal of providing 10,000 jobs for military veterans by the year 2020. According to their website, nearly one in five hires at J.B. Hunt is a military veteran, adn currently, over 15 percent of the J.B. Hunt workforce are former military.They also offer a search system for matching specific military duties to their available positions within the company. 


This trucking company has also been repeatedly ranked among the most military-friendly businesses in the country. They work to convert military experience into excellent pay and benefits, and offer guaranteed home time for drills and annual training. If you’re using your VA benefits to pay for truck driving school, Schneider also offers tuition reimbursement.

Find the Right Trucking Jobs for Military Veterans

Let us help you find a position in the trucking industry. Whether you are retiring soon, awaiting deployment, or need employment after returning from active service, we can help find jobs for military veterans in the trucking industry.

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