The Best Advice You Will Find for Semi Truck Maintenance

Semi Truck Maintenance | CDLjobs.comAs a semi truck driver, you count on your vehicle to go the distance. If it breaks down and won’t run, it means you can’t work until it’s repaired.

While no vehicle is guaranteed against breakdowns, there are a few maintenance techniques that you can use to help your truck stay on the road and out of the shop.

Essential Maintenance for Your Semi Truck

Oil Changes
Every driver in the world knows about the importance of changing their oil, and if they don’t know, they’ll soon learn! As a trucker, you already understand that changing your oil is essential, but we’re going to talk about it anyway, because it is so important. Take the time to inspect your oil before every trip, especially if it is new or just had a major engine repair or replacement. High-powered vehicles like your semi truck need plenty of oil, and neglecting this important lubricant can lead to major delays and expensive repairs.

Radiator Inspections
The radiator helps keep your high-powered engine running at a cool temperature, so every time you set out on a new route, take a few minutes to look it over. Top off the fluid if it looks low, and be on the lookout for small leaks. If you do find any leaks, make sure they are repaired or take your truck to a shop before they create a serious over-heating issue in your engine.

Tire Pressure
As we told you in a previous post truck tire life, having the right tire pressure will help you increase your efficiency and make your tires last longer. You have thousands of dollars in your tires, so don’t let them go to waste. Every truck and trailer will have different requirements, so understand what PSI your tires need and always inflate them properly. You’ll save money on fuel as well as tires with this simple practice.

Check the Fuel Vent
When you are home for a break, your truck probably sits in one place the whole time. Before you hit the road, take a moment to inspect the fuel vent, as wasps and other inspects have been known to build nests in this area. Having blockage in your fuel vent will give you inaccurate fuel readings and could eventually cause problems with the performance of your engine.

Brake Inspection
How many tons are you hauling on your next trucking job? When is the last time a professional inspected your brakes? Strong, reliable brakes are essential for any vehicle, especially a fully-loaded semi traveling 65 mph. Have your brakes checked often by a mechanic you know and trust, and if you feel any vibrations or hear a squealing sound, it’s probably time to have them serviced.

Grease the Moving Points
There are dozens of points on a truck that need grease, and this task is usually a straight-forward maintenance job that you can do yourself. Not only will you feel the satisfaction of working on your own rig, you’ll be able to see if anything looks loose or needs to be repaired. There are points that need greasing on practically every part of your truck, giving you the chance to look over the entire vehicle.

With these simple and effective maintenance tips, you can have a semi truck that lasts for years. Remember, however, that every truck needs the attention of a qualified professional, so don’t hesitate to take it to a shop when needed.

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