How to Survive Your First Semi Truck Purchase!

Semi Truck Purchase Tips | CDLjobs.comAre you looking for your first semi truck? Do you need to replace the faithful semi that drove you through hundreds of thousands of miles? No matter what your specific situation, you need the right knowledge and the right attitude in order to find the perfect truck.

Keep these tips in mind during purchase to help reduce stress, and you’ll be driving a semi that will keep you hauling for years.

Tips for Purchasing Your Next Semi Truck

Decide on New versus Used Before You Shop
Like purchasing a vehicle for daily driving, choosing between new and used should be the first part of your truck-buying decision.

Advantages of a New Semi Truck: The biggest advantage to purchasing a new truck is the increased reliability that you will receive. While no vehicle is immune from engine problems and other issues, a new truck is less likely to breakdown or fail to start when you need it most. Also, many new trucks will come with factory warranties, which can give you even greater peace-of-mind if the truck were to have a problem. Be aware of the warranty’s details, however, because many will cover the drivetrain, but leave off other components.

Advantages of a Used Semi Truck: If you need to save on your purchase, a used truck should be your first choice. You will be able to save thousands of dollars on your initial purchase price, and many used trucks are in top-notch condition, giving you a reliable hauler that is comfortable and affordable. You’ll want to give every used truck a thorough inspection before your purchase to make sure you get the equipment you need.

Create a List of Inspection Items
Think about this for a moment: automotive dealerships have a physical checklist of items that they inspect before purchasing a vehicle. Why can’t you do the same? When you have a prepared list that you can consult, you’ll be sure that nothing is overlooked. There are many items that should be on your inspection list, including brake pads, hoses, axles, tire tread, and belts. You’ll also want to look for leaks and other potential problems.

Start the Engine, Look and Listen
Even if you’re buying a brand new semi truck, always start the engine and let it idle for at least a minute. Listen to the sounds that the engine is making. Are there any squeaks, squeals, rattles, or thumps? Does the exhaust give off a large amount of white or grayish smoke? Is there anything that seems out of order? If there is, be cautious, as this concern could lead to a problem down the road.

Take a Good Hard Look at the Cabin
How many hours do you think you spend inside your truck cabin? The answer could easily be in the hundreds of thousands. Take the time to look at the cabin, feel the comfort of the seats, test the radio, look for storage space, and see how well you fit in the sleeping compartment. Make sure you will be comfortable and happy with your truck.

Always Take a Test Drive
Never, under any circumstance, skip the test drive. Get inside, fire up the engine, and go for a spin down the road. If possible, hook the truck to a trailer, preferably one with a heavy load, and see how it rides. This test drive is essential to making sure your truck can complete any task.

Excellent Opportunities in the Trucking Industry

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