Seven Essential Rules for Driver Recruiters

driver recruitingCall it whatever you want, but as a Driver Recruiter you’re in Customer Service, plain and simple.  Yes, the shipper is still the “customer” of any trucking company, but your “customer” is the professional truck driver.  Without them, neither your job nor your driver recruiting department would exist.

The truck driver shortage is a very real concern that will continue to affect many trucking companies. By following these truck driver recruiting strategies, you can help your company to thrive in what is presently a very competitive driver recruiting market.

Steps to Success in Driver Recruiting

  1. Know who is boss.You are employed to hire truck drivers and you can only do that if you know what it is that potential driver hires want. Never forget that your salary is ultimately paid by the drivers who make your job possible. If you move forward with the attitude that the driver is ultimately your boss, you’ll go a long way toward building the kind of rapport necessary to reach an employment agreement.
  1. Be a good listener. Take the time to identify what the driver really needs in their next truck driving job. Beware of assuming that the truck driving jobs offered by your company will fit every driver’s needs.  Stay focused on the driver and don’t get preoccupied with other work while engaging. Have you ever heard that you can hear someone smile over the telephone? It’s real, and so is being able to tell if the person on the other end of the phone is pre-occupied. Nothing will kill the recruiting sale faster than the driver realizing that you’re too busy with something else to take the time to speak to them.
  1. Anticipate needs. Drivers are “buying” you and the solution that you have to offer for their problem. They’re talking to you because they’re interested in making a career change – communicate regularly even after the initial contact to anticipate their employment needs. When a qualified driver applies on a truck driving jobs board like, they’re not only applying to you. On average, these drivers are applying to 10+ different trucking companies at the same time. It’s the benefit of applying on a site like Drivers don’t want to fill out 10+ different applications. So, when they do apply, they get calls. Lots of them. What will make you stand out from the other 9 trucking companies? Stay in contact and anticipate what they want in the next trucking chapter of their life.
  1. Be sincere. Always use the driver’s name and find ways to engage beyond the simple hiring process but be sincere about it.  Everyone values sincerity – it creates trust. Thank them every chance you get – drivers can tell in a heartbeat whether you really care or if you are just going through the motions. Use small talk to find common ground outside of trucking. Everyone has interests outside of work, and drivers are no different. Find a commonality to talk about during the recruiting process.
  1. Help drivers understand your operation. Your company may have the best fit for the driver you’re speaking with but if they don’t understand it, they’ll become impatient and move to the next carrier.  Make sure you have clear explanations and are able to show how the features your trucking company offers can benefit the driver and their needs.
  1. Appreciate the power of “YES." Always look for ways to help the applicant. When they have a request (that is reasonable) figure out how to do it. Look for ways to make coming to work for you easy. The battle for qualified drivers is intense to say the least. If your trucking company can honor one small request from a driver that your competition cannot, it could mean the difference between a new employee and just another internet app.
  1. Treat employees well. Once that driver hires on with your organization, they immediately become your internal customer, and they can make or break your Recruiting efforts. It should be engrained into any seasoned Recruiter, and it’s true. If a driver feels like they were lied to during the hiring process, they will tell everyone they meet on the CB, at the fuel island, at the lunch counter, on social media etc., etc. how poorly they were treated. Go the extra mile and follow up a week or so after they’ve been on the road to eliminate these types of miscommunications.  

By implementing these truck driver recruiting strategies, you are likely to see much greater success connecting and building relationships with the drivers that you need to fill your empty trucks.

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