What does it take to be a truck driver? Broad shoulders, a big heart, a mesh hat, an open mind, a giant mug of coffee, blue jeans and boots, and a cross necklace...these seven attributes make up the anatomy of a truck driver, and we love our truckers exactly that way.

Take a closer look at the anatomy of a truck driver. What would you add?

Anatomy of a Truck Driver | CDLjobs.com

Mesh Hat

Truckers wore mesh hats before they became cool. These hats got their start in the early 1900s with feed stores and farming supply companies. These stores wanted to land new customers, so they rustled up a bunch of hats. They gave the hats away for free to truckers, farmers and other folks working in rural areas. Truckers loved the hats, which were (and still are) adjustable and breathable, perfect for life on the road.

Open Mind

Imagine having to deal with hundreds, even thousands, of awful, ill-tempered drivers every day. Truckers do that, and fortunately, they do it well. That's thanks to their open minds. Rather than stay frustrated 24/7 and think the worst of other drivers, truckers practice tolerance, understanding and patience. Maybe the driver who just cut a trucker off is rushing to the hospital to see his baby being born. Who knows? Life on the road is easier when you have an open mind and give folks the benefit of the doubt.

Broad Shoulders

Trucking companies, spouses, parents, children and friends expect a lot from them. Sometimes, it's too much, and these burdens fall on broad shoulders. Truckers must deal with blame tossed their way from different directions while they remain open-minded and patient. Those broad shoulders come in handy when truck drivers carry heavy loads.

Cross Necklace

Truckers experience more than their share of near misses. They've seen some devastating crashes in which everyone escaped unscathed or with minor injuries. It's easy to see how a higher power may exist. Plus, truckers witness beautiful landscapes and open skies that take mindfulness to another level. Many truckers wear cross necklaces or other religious symbols to keep them safe and to thank their higher power, whomever or whatever that may be.


Having to leave loved ones every few weeks can take its toll on truckers' hearts. Their hearts are huge, helping them to stay resilient and deal with their time away from home.


A giant mug of coffee keeps truckers alert. After all, truckers have limited options for staying awake. Many aren't allowed to use hands-free phones, and it's unhealthy to keep reaching for chips, soda and other junk food. Coffee, like with typical office workers, serves as a shortcut to help truckers start the day. It can also provide periodic jolts on long drives.

Blue Jeans and Boots

The physical requirements for driving a truck are no joke. Enter tough, durable and comfortable work boots. They make driving easier while protecting truckers' feet from falling objects and ground-level hazards. Waterproof boots are important because truckers frequently deal with rain, snow and other forms of moisture. Breathability is critical too since truckers wear their boots for hours at a time. Blue jeans, like quality work boots, are tough and comfortable. They're versatile and can stand up to multiple wears without needing to be washed.

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