Tips For Truck Drivers: Maintaining Organization In Your Truck

Organization For Truck Drivers | CDLjobs.comStaying organized is one of the biggest challenges for truck drivers. With hectic schedules, a small cabin space, and all of the equipment and accessories you need for life on the road, your rig can quickly go from a spotless area to a scattered mess.

So how can you keep your truck organized while on the road? Take a look at these simple tips to get started.

Staying Organized: Tips For Truck Drivers

Keep Your Tool Box Organized
You don’t want tools scattered all over your truck cab, and nothing is more frustrating than needing a tool, knowing it’s around here somewhere, and not being able to find it. Having a fully-stocked tool box, and making sure all the tools get put back in the right place, is very important and can save you time while on the road.

Folders, Envelopes, and a Place to Keep Them
You should keep a well-organized file folder in your rig. The thin plastic, expandable type, (you know, the ones that kind of resemble an accordion) are great for keeping your documents in the right place, and you can find one for less than $10, depending on where you shop. You can use these items to organize invoices, receipts, and other important documents you will need come tax time.

Use Mini-Crates
Small crates are a great way to keep miscellaneous items from getting tossed all over the cab. You can find crates that are less than a square foot, and many of them are stackable, creating a vertical storage option for your cab. These crates can be used to store food, CDs, DVDs, clothing, books, or anything else that ends up in your cab.

Clean Trash at Every Stop
Instead of waiting a couple of days to purge your truck of all the trash and garbage that has been collected, take a few seconds to empty your trash whenever you get the chance. Filling up on fuel is one of the best opportunities to empty out your waste basket, so make it a priority. You’ll have less trash, and you won’t have to worry about your trash bin getting too full.

Seat-Back Organizers
Organizers that hang from the back of your seat offer an excellent way to store items like cleaning supplies, flashlights, gloves, or even tools. These items are handy, and take up very little space in your cab.

Visor CD Holders
While fewer and fewer people are actually listening to CDs, if you’re a truck driver who enjoys music and audio discs, you know that keeping these items organized can be a challenge. Visor CD holders give you easy access to your favorite discs, and they can also make your driving safer, because you won’t be distracted reaching across the cab or behind your seat. You’ll have all your favorites, right where you can reach them.

Make Organization a Habit
In the end, it all comes down to consistency. You have to think “stay organized” every day. You have to make it habit, but the comfort you will find in your cab is worth the effort. The best techniques and organizational tools won’t help at all if you don’t commit to staying organized.

Make Your Truck Driving Life More Organized

Ultimately, how your best organize your truck depends on what you take with you when driving over the road and what method best suits your needs. Experiment and find the best process for you.

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