Are truck driver benefits important to you?

Truck Driver BenefitsBenefits packages are an integral part of being in the workforce, and the trucking industry is no different. Truck driver benefits are designed to keep truckers happy, healthy, and financially-secure, are offered by many of the top companies in the industry.

If you are planning a career as a CDL truck driver, these are some of the benefits you can reasonably expect from many companies.

Truck Driver Benefits for CDL Jobs

There are lots of different benefits available, but it’s important to remember that not all companies offer the same benefits package. And some of these truck driver benefits are only available to company drivers who have worked with the organization for a certain time frame. For example, a company may require that you work for them for 90 days before personal time becomes available. Others may offer retirement packages from Day 1, while some may require you to work for six months before certain benefits are available.

The lesson for the employee is to know that it all depends on the specific company, and it is up to you to ask lots of questions to fully understand what’s in it for you.

That said, let’s look at some of the typical truck driver benefits for CDL jobs.


Retirement accounts are incredibly important, and almost all companies, including trucking companies, offer 401(k) packages. These accounts grow tax-free, and while you contribute a portion of your pay, companies will often match some percentage of your contribution, further growing your retirement fund.

Health Care

Many trucking companies offer excellent health care benefits, including medical, dental, and vision. Having your health insurance through an employer can help you save, so many company drivers take advantage of these truck driver benefits for CDL jobs.

Personal and Home Time

For a lot of trucking companies, personal and home time is an important part of their benefits package. By offering a work-life balance, companies demonstrate their dedication to keeping hard-working drivers happy and, hopefully, employed with the organization for many years.

Military Leave

Few industries can claim to offer better flexibility for military members and their families. Again, each company is different, but there are many trucking companies that have a reputation for working with active-duty soldiers, sailors, and Marines. These companies are also a top choice for military veterans.

Tuition Reimbursement

Successful companies know the importance of helping their employees grow, learn, and advance in their careers. Tuition reimbursement may be among the best truck driver benefits for CDL jobs, as many companies will offer as much as $6,000 or more in continued education assistance.

Discount Programs

This is probably one of the most unique truck driver benefits for CDL jobs. Because truckers are often on the road, trucking companies join with national and local businesses to offer discounts on goods and services. These discounts can cover everything from gas station beverages to movie theater tickets. These benefits can even help you save on cell phones, restaurant meals, and large-ticket items like vehicles or expensive tools.

Get Your Truck Driver Benefits from a Top Trucking Company

There are many compelling reasons, beyond just the truck driver benefits, to consider a career in trucking.

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