Truck Driving During the Holidays: How to Stay Positive

trucking over holidaysTruck driving during the holidays doesn't have to be frustrating. Even if you didn't get the time off for the holiday season, it's possible to enjoy it nevertheless.

With a smart approach to holiday driving, you can be earning money while having fun. All it takes is the right state of mind and a couple of holiday-season driving tips.     

1. Be Careful with Planning

As a truck driver, you often may not know your schedule in advance. That's why planning a family gathering or an outing with friends during the holidays may not be a good idea. Allow your family and friends to make plans without you. You can always join them in case you have a day off.

Making plans for holiday dinners and failing to go through with them can be frustrating. Botched plans can ruin your festive mood. It's much better to join the party unexpectedly than to explain to your loved ones why you couldn't make it.

2. Bring the Holiday Spirit With you on The Road

If you can't come to the party, bring it to your truck.

  • Take advantage of a music streaming service to create a holiday playlist 
  • Download holiday songs to your smartphone (and sing along!)
  • Pack a holiday dinner or order something extra at the next truck stop
  • Dress up
  • Decorate your rig with garland

Whatever it takes to create a holiday mood, do it. It can take your mind off missing your family and make the time go by faster. Meanwhile, other drivers are likely to appreciate your effort and behave politely on the road.  After all, who wants to cut a holiday rig off?

3. Give Yourself an Extra Gift

No matter how hard you try to have fun on the road, driving on holidays is hardly something you wish for. So if you need to work when everyone else is having fun, reward yourself.

Buy yourself a nice gift for spending the holidays on the road. After all, you are earning some extra bucks instead of having a feast. Why not use some of them to improve your mood?

4. Use Video-Conferencing Tools to Join Your Family

While your friends and family are celebrating holidays at home, you can join them on the road. Skype, Zoom, and other video-conferencing software can make you feel close to your family even during cross-country trucking.

Download the right apps to your smartphone and check your mobile data plan to ensure a smooth interaction with your family during stops. Avoid running the apps while you are behind the wheel as they can be distracting.

5. Prepare for the Weather

The weather during the holiday season can change quickly. You need to prepare for these changes to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Remember, snowstorms during holidays aren't a rarity in many parts of the nation. Make sure to keep an emergency kit with you as well as an external battery for your smartphone.

Your truck should be prepared for difficult weather conditions through timely maintenance. If necessary, the fuel must be treated and blended for freezing temperatures.  

6. Enjoy Empty Roads

Holidays are an excellent time for cross-country trucking. With everyone spending time with their families, traffic is slower paced than usual. Take full advantage of the open road phenomenon to enjoy your work. Truck driving during holidays can be safer and less stressful. Weigh stations tend to be closed while truck stops aren't busy.

However, if you are on the road a day or two before the holiday, you need to be as careful as possible. People tend to be in a big rush doing last-minute shopping or trying to make it to their family on time.

Maximize your focus and attention to avoid dangerous situations on the road during the holiday shopping craze.

7. Check for Incentives

Many companies are willing to offer truck drivers incentives, so they agree to work during the holidays. Find out if the trucking company you are working for does it. Knowing that you are earning more money than you would be on regular days can improve your mood and help with your holiday shopping.

Remember, according to the law, truck companies aren't required to pay anything extra for truck driving during holidays. So don't expect an increase in payments by default. But it never hurts to ask.

The Takeaway

While working during holidays is hardly fun, there is no reason to feel bad about it. Think about holiday trucking as an excellent opportunity to earn money while roads are empty and the majority of weigh stations are closed. Enjoy your holidays!

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Last modified on Monday, 30 November 2020 12:01