How to Increase Truck Tire Life in 5 Easy Steps

semi truck tireHow long do semi truck tires last? The answer is that it varies significantly between cases. Some tires are better made than others and designed to last longer. However, many of the most significant factors are in your control as a truck driver. A few adjustments to your driving style and how you take care of your tires can help them stay in good condition for longer.

Be careful how much you expect from your tires, however. Pay close attention to them and look for wear. A tire failure can be very dangerous for you and other motorists on the road. The following tips will help you make your tires last longer and stay safer.

Get the Right Pressure

Tire pressure is extremely important and can help you save money. Improperly inflated tires tend to wear down significantly faster and are more likely to fail completely. Overinflated tires will wear in the center of the tread and underinflated tires will wear on the edges.

Consider how much money you have invested in your tires. Most trucks have at least $3,000 invested in the entire set. Some trucks may even have as much as $10,000 in tires. You don’t want to risk them wearing out early, especially over something as simple as getting the pressure right.

Don’t forget to inflate your tires when they are cold. Before you head out for a route, make sure the inflation is at the correct PSI. If you drive too long before you check, your tires will heat up and may give a higher than expected reading.

Better yet, proper inflation helps you save on fuel. When you have the right PSI, your truck will be more efficient. Do yourself a favor and check those tires before heading out.

Know Your Limits

Tires are rated for different load limits. Make sure you have the right tires for the job. If you are running on overloaded tires, they are going to wear down quickly and may fail. It may sound obvious not to run on tires that aren’t properly rated for your truck, but it can be tempting to ignore ratings to carry more cargo.

Check the load limit before putting tires on your trailer or tractor. There is no reason to waste money on tires that aren’t rated properly for your typical cargo weight. You may save a few bucks on some cheaper tires, but they will give out much sooner.

When you know the load limits of your tractor, tires and trailer, you will be in good shape to ensure your equipment stays in good condition. Those limits exist for a reason. Pay attention to them.

Check for Dual-Tire Contact

If your trailer has dual-tire configuration (which is most commercial trailers), check the distance between the two tires. In some cases, dual tires can rub together and wear down rapidly. If they are making contact with each other or any other part of the trailer, they will overheat and can potentially blow out.

In addition to the risk to the tires, dual-tire contact can put a lot of stress on the tire bearings and wheels. You could damage your truck significantly and wear your tires down prematurely. Again, this is something that is very easy to check and be mindful of. So, there is no reason not to double-check your dual-tire clearance before setting out on the road.

Use a Consistent Set of Tires

Try to avoid mismatched tire types and sizes. Your truck is designed to ride equally on all its wheels. If they are inconsistent, you will be putting added stress on one or a few of your wheels. Those wheels will be overloaded while the others barely carry any of the load.

Unsurprisingly, this will quickly lead to your tires getting worn down. It can also put unnecessary strain on the other parts of the wheel. You will be much better suited by making sure you have a consistent set of tires.

Get Proactive

You may notice that all the above tips seem simple. You can take care of all of them by using a little caution, inspecting your truck before routes and paying attention to the tire ratings. It doesn’t take much to protect your tires and extend their service life.

Semi-truck tires are not cheap. They represent an investment worth thousands of dollars. Don’t risk damaging your tires, your truck or yourself by being negligent. A small amount of effort and you won’t have to worry so much about the question of how long semi truck tires last.

Once your truck tire life is safely addressed and you are ready to roll, contact to find a rewarding position in the trucking industry. Whether you are an experienced trucker or you’re looking for a new trucking job, we would be proud to help. Get started by filling out our online application.

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