5 Tips for Truckers Exercising On the Road

truck driver exerciseBeing a truck driver involves hundreds or even thousands of hours sitting behind a wheel each year. This lack of movement combined with the sometimes less-than-healthy diet means many truckers are not in good shape. Poor truck driver fitness can be hazardous to your health.

Previously, we shared some suggestions for healthier eating while driving a truck; however, this alone is not enough to stay healthy. Exercise is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Vigorous movement can help fight heart disease, stroke, back pain, insomnia and many other ailments.

As a trucker exercises can be difficult to fit into the day. Below are some tips that will help you maintain a healthy body, strong bind and good overall wellbeing.

Tips For Getting a Trucker Workout Every Day 

  • Write Down Your Routine: It is easier to achieve any goal if you write them down and keep track. Rather than thinking that you will do some push-ups and sit-ups today, write down a routine and make it part of your to-do list. This is even more effective if you record your trucker workout. For example, if your goal is 25 push-ups, note down how many you actually did.
  • Tell Others: Ask someone else to keep you accountable for your exercises. Consider telling a spouse or other loved one and ask him or her to check in with you from time-to-time about your workouts. Consistency and accountability are the keys to truck driver fitness. Having a spouse, close friend, parent or even older child help can ensure success.
  • Bring Some Equipment With You: Obviously, your truck cab is no place for a full gym. However, bringing some adjustable dumbbells, ankle weight, kettlebells and/or a resistance band can help you achieve a lot more. These versatile pieces of equipment are easy to store and will let you expand your workout.
  • Take a Walk: Truck driver fitness and health aren’t just matters of a strong body; you also need to foster a healthy and sharp mind. Walking is one of the best ways to clear your head and take a break from the rigors of the road while also getting a little exercise. Even a ten-minute walk is enough to get the blood flowing. Stop your truck and get out for a stroll every so often.
  • It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint: You don’t need to transform yourself into an Olympic athlete overnight. Start slow and build your way up. The most important thing is consistency. The goal of working out is to improve your wellbeing, not to become an elite athlete. Keep some perspective, set realistic goals and focus on regular exercise, even if it is light at first.

Suggested Trucker Exercises

Clearly, consistency is the key to a healthy lifestyle as a trucker. However, you may still be wondering what exercises you can do.

The best thing to do is to make some time whenever you stop to go through a workout routine. This can be very much like one you would do at home. Lift dumbbells or hook a resistance band around the door hinge to do some training.

With dumbbells, you can do exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, standing shoulder presses, squats and lunges. You can do many similar exercises with a resistance band but with an even smaller package.

Of course, you don’t need equipment to exercise. Do some push-ups, planks and sit-ups either in your cab or just outside. Another great exercise is to do tricep dips using the edge of your bunk.

When you have a chance to stop your truck, do some stretches. These can help to keep your limbs loose and prevent some of the repetitive stress injuries common to truckers such as lower back pain. Stretch your shoulder, hands, legs and core regularly to keep the blood flowing and your muscles limber. Even stretching for a few minutes every time you stop can go a long way.

Above all else, however, you should walk or run every day. Vigorous cardiovascular exercise is important for physical and mental health. This requires no equipment other than some appropriate clothing and sneakers. Don’t expect to run a marathon on your first day, build up slowly. Consider downloading one of the many smartphone apps that highlight places to run or walk wherever you are visiting.

All of these trucker exercises are relatively easy to do. Some don’t even require you to leave your truck cab. So, make a habit out of doing them every day and soon you’ll actually want to exercise.

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