What Type of Truck Driving Job is Right for You?

truck driver jobThere are many different types of trucking jobs, but deciding which one is right for your particular needs can be difficult.

If you’re considering a change of pace in terms of your career, the trucking industry could be a great match for you. Plenty of different types of driving jobs exist that may appeal to you. See what possibilities are available to better help you find a truck driving job that matches your capabilities.

Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Dry Van Driver

This driving job is far and away the most common type of trucking in the United States, and it’s also the type of hauling where most drivers get their start, moving non-perishable items from one end of the country to another. Dry van hauling is usually done with 53-foot trailers that move everything from canned goods to televisions. Basically, if you can find it in a department store, it’s probably been shipped in a dry van. If you’re worried about lacking the strength or physical capabilities necessary to unload a trailer, not to worry; most of the time, you will not be required to unload a dry van.

Tanker Driver

If you’re in the market for a high paying trucking job requiring more responsibility, you should consider driving a tanker. Rather than non-perishable items and dry goods, you’ll transport liquids,such as fuel, paints, pesticides, or cleaning products, which may be labeled hazardous materials. Hazmat driving is often done in large tanker trucks, Hauling hazardous materials is one of the more dangerous trucking jobs, and it requires a special type of driver who is more skilled and more highly regulated than any other trucker. While driving hazardous materials brings the potential for higher pay and benefits, it requires extensive training and certifications beyond a normal CDL.

Be sure you do your research before applying for tanker jobs so you know what kind of materials you can expect to work with and what endorsements may be required.

Flatbed Driver

When something large, cumbersome, and heavy needs to be hauled, flatbed drivers are called to action. Examples of freight transported may include large windmill wings, industrial machinery like lathes and presses, or manufactured housing. You’ll often see flatbed trailers with “over-sized load” signs and escort cars. The trailers are usually built with a lower profile, giving taller freight clearance to pass under bridges and wires.To excel at this position, you’ll need to know how to tie down your load the right way and  familiarize yourself with whatever you’re transporting. Possessing this level of knowledge places you on a higher pay scale, so knowing your stuff can most certainly pay off.

Refrigerated Freight Driver

Food, body products, medicine and meat are examples of items that require a specific temperature during transportation to ensure the goods arrive at their final destination intact. Much like a flatbed driver, you’ll need specialized knowledge to work as a refrigerated freight driver. For instance, you’ll need to know how to check and maintain the truck’s temperature, and you’ll need to how to store your cargo the right way.

OTR/Regional/Local Driver

Maybe one of the biggest reasons you don’t like the idea of being a truck driver is because you don’t feel you’re cut out for spending several days or weeks on the road away from your home and family. As a local driver, your route will keep you either near or in your city. Regional drivers have routes within their state, while OTR drivers drive all over the U.S. There’s plenty of variety for you to explore until you find a route and a trucking company that suits your lifestyle best.

Auto Transporter

Are you interested in moving cars, trucks, and SUVs, using specialized trailers that require specific skills and knowledge to operate? While some automotive hauling involves moving cars to the scrap yard, it can also include shipping brand-new vehicles from the factory to a dealership. With this particular driving job, you’ll have to get used to an entirely different set of turning dynamics compared to other truck drivers. This is because the single- and two-axle trailers used to transport automobiles are longer than other trucks. As an auto hauler, have to complete special training, so you’re well-prepared to operate the hydraulic systems used to load and unload your transporter.

No matter where your skills lie, there’s bound to be something that proves to be a great fit. Apply for trucking jobs online at CDLjobs.com.

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