Owner Operator Income | CDL Jobs Trucking ApplicationsAs an owner operator, income is your primary concern. Being able to have your own truck, taking whatever trucking jobs you choose, and having the freedom to be independent are incredibly important.

What is also important, however, is your ability to find the right truck driving jobs and trucking companies that both meet your needs and pay your bills. CDLjobs.com is the place where you can find all types of companies that are looking for independent O/Os to fill their trucking orders. With that kind of flexibility, you can pick the jobs that you need and the ones that you want.

How Does Owner Operator Income Work?

There are two reasons why you may never have considered an owner operator career, also called a “doublestuff” due to how “O/O” looks like an Oreo cookie. The first may be that you’re just getting into the trucking industry, or the second is that you have been focused on driving for companies your whole career.

As an owner operator, income is vital – since you own or lease the truck, you are required to arrange for your own maintenance, your own insurance, your own benefits, and so forth. Simply put, it is the difference between being an independent contractor and an employee of a trucking company.

Why Do Some Drivers Choose to Become an Owner Operator?

While many people focus on the CDL jobs they can work driving for a company, so as not to need to worry about owner operator income, there always remains a certain appeal to being your own boss, choosing your own hours, and being able to balance which contracts you accept and which ones you decline in order to maximize your time at home with your family. While the risks are certainly greater, the rewards are greater as well – for example, the pay for a “doublestuff” is usually better than a company driver, letting you increase your personal profits.

How Do I Get Started?

While most people start as a company driver to get experience, learn the ropes, etc, in order to become an Owner Operator, all you need is the truck and a Commercial Drivers License. What CDLjobs.com can do for you, however, is give you the benefit of experience. We host an amazing collection of blogs that are written specifically for truckers. They include things like tips and tricks for new drivers, stories of trucking experiences and how to handle them; you name it, and we have it.

The best part of using our website, beyond the amount of experience you can get and contacts you can make, is that it is all free. Whether you want to work as a company driver or you are seeking to improve your owner operator income, this is the place for you.

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