Owner Operator Trucking Salary | Trucking Job ApplicationsIt is pretty much the American dream to “be your own boss.” Many truck drivers dream of buying their own rig and earning an owner operator trucking salary. There are many pros and cons to be considered.

The appeal of setting your own schedule, deciding your own rates, being able to only take the trucking jobs you want to take, is enough to make any driver dream of becoming an owner operator and start enjoying an owner operator trucking salary.

However, many business owners learn quickly the “cons” to being their own boss. All of the equipment expenses are your own responsibility, along with insurance costs, business licenses, and bookkeeping and tax preparation fees. The owner pays all of the fuel costs and any other travel-related expenses. There is no paid vacation or sick leave, as you might have received when working for trucking companies.

After considering all of these pros and cons, if you still have the desire to pursue your dream of owning your own rig and being your own boss, let CDLjobs.com assist you.

An Owner Operator Trucking Salary is Just a Few Clicks Away

If you have decided to embark on a new journey as an owner operator, there are many ways we can be an asset to you. Have you already secured the funds to purchase your truck and the necessary equipment? Or are you looking for truck driving jobs offering lease purchase options to help you pay for your rig?

No matter where you are in the process, just starting your own business or deep in the day-to-day grind, using CDLjobs.com will prove beneficial to your enterprise. Our website maintains an extensive database of available CDL jobs, including owner operator jobs and lease purchase jobs. We work with all of the major truck companies in the industry and to ensure you can see the full scope of current available jobs.

If you have enough work right now and aren’t looking for any hauling jobs, we are still a valuable resource. Our site has links to help you route your next trip, find truck stops and cheaper fuel on your way, and even check the weather along the way. We have links to tax tips, which may save you money, and stories on health, which may save your life. You can sign up for our free newsletter, delivering trucking industry news right to your email inbox.

Let CDLjobs.com help you see your dream come to fruition and start earning that owner operator trucking salary today.

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