Owner Operators | Find CDL JobsIf you’re interested in jobs for owner operators, then CDLjobs.com is the right place for you. No matter what kind of truck driving jobs you might be interested in, there is always a need for O/Os, or doublestuffs, to do the work. As one of those doublestuffs, you will have the advantage of complete freedom to take the CDL jobs you can and reject the ones you can’t, not to mention having your own truck. Whereas others have to go to trucking companies in order to get a rig, being an owner operator means that you’ve either purchased your own or have worked out a lease to own situation.

How Owner Operators Get Their Jobs

Simply put, you need connections, and that’s where CDLjobs.com can help, with everything from trucking jobs for other companies through contracts that are looking for an independent trucker to run them. For absolutely no charge, you can not only browse which companies are looking for employee drivers, but also what contracts they have available for long haul trucking. In terms of the former, while most owners don’t go back to being a company driver, some do; in terms of the latter, our contacts can now become your contacts.

The Power of Flexibility

One of the main benefits that owner operators have is the power to be flexible. Whereas a company driver agrees to work a set route that the company sets up, someone who owns their own rig can pick and choose which jobs they take based on their free time available, how far they wish to drive, and so forth. In order to better understand why that flexibility is important, it is vital to remember that pay for truck driving jobs builds up in stages. At the smallest, and least paying, level, there are inter-city jobs. Next beyond the city level is driving between cities; finally, there is driving between states and even from one end of the country to the next.

This advantage really comes into focus when you consider how disruptive long haul trucking can be to your life. By being able to take only the jobs which fit your schedule, you can work in the long haul trucking industry and still be able to have time to spend at home to be with your family when you need it most.

CDLjobs.com – Your Place for Connection

Even if you need us for only one job, we’re the best place to make a connection to a new company that may need your services. For owner operators, there is no better choice.

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