Pet Friendly Trucking Companies | CDLjobs.comTruck drivers can benefit greatly from working for dog & pet friendly trucking companies. A career driving CDL jobs can be very lonely at times; therefore, it’s often nice to be able to keep a pet in the truck with you while you’re on the road. This companionship is healthy both for pet owners and the pets themselves, who might have trouble with their humans away for weeks at a time.

Requirements of Pet Friendly Trucking Companies

Of course, just because they’re pet friendly, that doesn’t mean anything goes. Most companies have certain rules in place to protect their trucks, reduce liability, and generally make sure that the driver is responsible for their pet.

One of the most common restrictions is that pets can only be a dog or cat, and under 30 pounds. Trucking jobs are no place for exotic pets that may require certain climates in order to survive, let alone live comfortably, and there’s no assurance that your pet iguana will be okay if you’re driving to the Dakotas in the winter. The weight requirement is not only because it can be difficult to get an animal into the cab, but also because a restless pet on long truck driving jobs can get excited and accidentally force you to turn the wheel in a way that lighter animals won’t be able to.

Pet friendly trucking companies may also require you to pay a deposit for your animal so long as you plan to take them with you.. This deposit is to cover any damage done to the cab during trucking jobs. In some cases they may also require cats to be declawed or restrict the privilege of having a pet on the road with you for CDL jobs to lease operators only. You may see some of the carriers who allow pets.


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Other Considerations

Another thing to keep in mind when having pets with you is that you will likely have to stop more often for bathroom breaks or to give your pet exercise, which actually could benefit you as well in the long run. You will likely not be able to take your fur baby out of the cab when you’re unloading, and some truck driving jobs may have you delivering to companies that won’t let you on their property with a pet, even in your truck.

Where Do I Find the Carrier’s Pet Policy?

That being said, for many people it’s a luxury that is well worth the additional planning and steps required. has plenty of jobs listed with companies that will let you bring your pet along. If the carrier has provided information to us about their pet policy, this information is found on each carrier’s company profile in the “General” section. We understand that in some cases, animals may be the only family a trucker has, so we're happy to help you find pet friendly trucking companies to keep working without having to give up your furry companions.

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