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Kennedy Ruley Tries to Help Darin Market Himself

March 4, 2024 Written by Darin Williams
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Darin Williams and Matt Beach welcome the youngest guest to date (she wanted to make sure we knew this), Kennedy Ruley, Digital Marketing Manager of Melton Truck Lines.

In Kennedy's short 5+ years tenure at Melton, she has been promoted through the company from an intern to her current role.   

Show Notes:

Today's Guest: Kennedy Ruley - Melton Truck Lines

In this show, we learn that Beach is an ordained minister who may or may not be the officiant at Kennedy's wedding in November. Beach and Kennedy speculate that Darin may be the Teletubbies "sun baby" all grown up with video evidence, we meet Kennedy's dog, and we talk tornadoes, Roy D. Mercer, a little trucking, and what Darin's dwarf name would be.  

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Melton Truck Lines is one of the nation's leading flatbed trucking companies with a large and growing fleet of modern, safe, and well-maintained equipment.

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