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Driver Recruiting and Vacation Spots with Rachel Lovell of Ascend

March 4, 2024 Written by Darin Williams
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Matt and Darin talk with with Rachel Lovell, Vice President of People Operations at Ascend. They discuss why Beach fell short of his NFL dreams, the best vacation spots, the difference between a yodeler and a carnival barker, and Rachel shares how Ascend works to do things the right way.

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Today's Guest: Rachel Lovell, Vice President of People Operations - Ascend

With operations focused on the US South, Mid Atlantic, and Midwest, and 80 drop yards throughout, Ascend has density and capacity in important regional areas where demand for high-performance short-haul shipping is high.

In her nearly 16-year tenure with Ascend, Rachel has played a key role in a number of positions helping to facilitate their amazing growth and provides some awesome recruiting tips.

Connect with Rachel Lovell to learn more about Ascend.


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