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Dr. Mark Manera is Passionate About Driver Health

June 13, 2024 Written by Darin Williams
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Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Fitness, Dr. Mark Manera, joins the podcast to talk about the health risks for professional truck drivers and what can be done to combat those risks and improve the overall driver lifestyle.


Today's Guest: Dr. Mark Manera, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Fitness

Dr. Manera received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from Maryville University of Saint Louis in 2019. Working in physical therapy, Dr. Manera became intrigued by the unique lifestyle of truck drivers and now works to with drivers and trucking companies to overcome the obstacles and barriers facing drivers on the road.

Today's episode covers health, diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, as well as the different options available to anyone who is looking to make a healthy change.

Supply Chain Fitness, formerly known as The Trucking Fitness Company, partners with trucking companies to improve to health of every employee at their organization through different programs built for drivers, office staff, warehouse, and the shop.

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