We know that when you start to look for a trucking job, the process seems overwhelming!!  The top trucking companies in the country are listed on CDLjobs.com, and our trucking industry specific search engine is designed to help you find the best CDL trucking job in your area! 

How to Search for a Trucking Job

We make it easy to start the search for your next trucking job, no matter where you are the site. Each page on CDLjobs.com has a blank search bar, labeled "Search Jobs" at the top of the page. You may enter keywords, names of trucking companies, hiring areas...you are in control, but remember a few simple tips:

    • Keep your search simple and try the obvious. If you're looking for information on Maverick Transportation, enter "Maverick" rather than "trucking company."
    • Keep it short. Since this directory is made specifically for trucking jobs, use a keyword shortcut such as "Ohio" for trucking jobs available in the state of Ohio instead of, "trucking jobs in Ohio.”
    • Be as specific as you can, "lease purchase" returns more relevant results than "leasing."


Filtering your Trucking Job Search

You may also search for truck driving jobs directly from our Search Jobs page. This page allows you to review all company profiles, as well as other CDL jobs posted by individual trucking companies. The default is to show all driving jobs for all driver types, with all types of trailer experience. However, you may filter the criteria for your trucking job search as follow:

    • Search by State. Narrowing down your search to trucking companies who hire truck drivers from your state is important, especially if you are looking for a local driving job.
    • Search by Trailer Type. You may further narrow your truck driving jobs search to trucking companies hiring drivers with specific trailer experience. This filter will help if you looking for a flatbed driving job.
    • Search by Driver Type. Choose your driver type: Company Driver, Owner Operator, Lease Purchase operator, or a driver who is part of a Team. 

Once you have your search results, you may preview the company profile or trucking job for more information. When you are ready to apply for the CDL jobs that interest you, you are only a few quick steps away from your new truck driving job!  


Review Trucking Companies

You may want to scan through the list of trucking companies advertising on CDLjobs.com. Those carriers who pay more to be featured on the site appear at the top of the company profiles, followed by a complete alphabetical listing of all trucking companies on the site. Scroll through the pages and click to review detailed information on the carrier you choose. You may apply for amy trucking job directly from each trucking company's profile page.