Team Driver JobsIf you are looking for team driver jobs with a reputable trucking company, then look no further than There are many trucking companies that offer the ability for couples or even just two drivers to work together as a team. Many truckers prefer this type of driving because it adds companionship to the route and gives an opportunity to deliver more shipments in a certain time frame. Whether you are a husband/wife team, father/son team or another type of team, there are companies that have team driver jobs available for you.

For many truck drivers, their families are left at home while they spend weeks on end out on the road. For some people, this absence adds strain to their marriage, as one spouse is home to make all the decisions and handle any crisis that may arise. It can also add strain to a relationship because there is not enough time spent together as a couple.

For this reason, it sometimes becomes the choice of couples to become team drivers. It can also become the choice for a parent and child to drive together due to the lack of time the parent has spent at home over the years. Whatever your reasons are for becoming a team, there are many truck driving jobs that cater to team drivers and your needs.

How Team Driver Jobs Function

Many times with team driver jobs, one person drives during the day while the other drives during the night. This team trucking means you can cover more mileage in a 24-hour time frame than someone who drives solo. It also means that there is a possibility of making more money while you are out on the road, because you are able to deliver more goods and log more miles than someone who drives alone. The pay bump can especially holds true if you have any special certifications, such as Hazmat or something similar. There are many trucking companies who prefer a driving team because they can promise deliveries sooner than with a single driver.

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