Team Drivers | Apply For Truck Driving JobsThere are plenty of reasons why someone would want to be part of a pair of team drivers. Many of the hardest parts about truck driver jobs are alleviated by this particular arrangement, and it can also be a great way to get in more jobs and more miles. There are certainly a few down sides as well, both in terms of how people team and what they’re doing, but much of that can be dealt with so long as you’re careful and willing to do some preparation.

Benefits of Working with Team Drivers

The benefits that you get from working CDL jobs with team drivers are immense. To begin with, it’s often nice to have another person to talk to. One of the hardest parts of driving for a lot of people is the endless solitude that comes with being on the road so long with no chatting partner. It can take a toll on a person; having someone else there helps significantly.

Truck driving jobs that involve a team also go a lot quicker, since you can drive in shifts. Being able to sleep while your partner drives means that the truck is constantly moving. If you’re both willing to take turns eating as well, it’s possible to grab food quickly and have one person drive while the other has a meal. As a result, you can end up taking on a lot more CDL jobs.

Best of all, dispatchers for trucking companies tend to like hiring teams since they are much quicker and can load and unload as a unit. has a number of positions available on our site for teams because they are in such high demand these days.

Avoiding Potential Problems

This isn’t to say that team driving is perfect. There are a number of things that require a little bit of effort to avoid.For example, taking too many trucking jobs can often mean quick burnout. When you have a partner and take on more jobs, you may begin to feel you are constantly working with no break for weeks on end. That sort of effort eventually gets to anybody.

Sleeping may also be a problem with teams working truck driving jobs together if your partner isn’t very good at driving soft. You must trust that your partner will drive in a way that lets you rest well while on the road. Sometimes an investment in a good mattress is required to ensure you a better sleep in motion.

You must also take health precautions to ensure that if one of you gets sick, the other doesn’t get sick as well. 

All in all, however, if you’re willing to make the extra effort, take a look at what’s available at on our website. Trucking companies are looking for team drivers, and you may be just who they need.

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