Team DriversIf you are considering your options in commercial transportation, team truck driving jobs may be a great fit. Learning about how these jobs work and their major pros and cons can help you decide if this is an avenue you want to pursue.

How Team Trucking Jobs Work

Generally, team driver jobs involve two drivers who work as partners. You and your partner will take turns driving the truck, rather than a single driver completing the route alone. Many companies allow and even encourage this setup. If you're looking at trucking companies for team drivers, find out each company's specific rules for selecting partners, compensation, schedules and other relevant issues.

Many of those who look for team truck driving jobs are married or in a relationship. Companies will usually approve such a request to work with a team unless they have objections to one of the prospective drivers. However, if both of you have good driving records otherwise meet the company's hiring requirements, it is likely you will qualify for team driver jobs together.

Advantages of Team Trucking Jobs

Team truck driving job can offer some important benefits. Top among these is the ability to drive in shifts. This gives both drivers more rest time without causing additional delays.

Better Health

The issue of sleep deprivation in long-haul truckers continues to be a matter of concern, as it not only affects the driver's health but is also a significant factor in crashes involving commercial trucks. Although regulations have come into force mandating specific rest breaks, for many truckers they are not enough to furnish the needed amount of sleep. Plus, as a driver, you also know that many are depending on you to arrive on time. Add in unexpected yet unavoidable delays due to factors such as extreme weather, and it can be very difficult to meet your obligations while also getting sufficient rest.

When you can switch driving shifts with a partner, both of you can work out a schedule that enables the two of you to get enough sleep. In turn, this will mean you will remain more alert as you drive. It helps that you also do not have to drive for as long as you would alone. Prolonged stretches of driving can increase the risk of distraction and resulting accidents.

Stronger Relationships

If you are married to or in a relationship with your driving partner, working as a team also gives you more time to spend together. Long hours and multiple days on the road can take their toll even on a solid relationship. Though a truck's cabin may not be a conventional date night setting, working together towards a common goal can go a long way towards strengthening your connection.

Not in a romantic relationship? Just having someone else by your side can give you a social connection and boost your mood. Sitting alone as you drive for hours on end can feel alienating. Having company and conversation is important to your wellbeing.

Higher Productivity

Driving as a team means less downtime. Because you can sleep while your partner drives, you can meet both mandated rest requirements and your actual health needs without getting off the road. Fewer hours spent off the road mean you can make deliveries faster and take on more assignments without overextending yourself or jeopardizing your driving safety.

Potential Challenges

While team truck driving jobs offer many benefits, they are not for everyone. Understanding the challenges you are likely to encounter can help you weigh whether this is the right job for you.


Although having company on the road can be great, things can get complicated if the relationship develops problems. Even a purely collegial relationship can become strained if your personalities are not suitable for being in such close quarters with one another for long stretches of time. Some people become closer when they spend a lot of time together in a small space; others get on each other's nerves and argue.

Less Independence

Driving with another person means you have to rely on someone else. You need to trust your partner's driving ability and judgment. Plus, you have to work with your partner to decide on schedules, rest breaks and any other issues you would otherwise decide on your own.

find Trucking Companies Hiring Team Drivers

We understand that many factors are involved as drivers evaluate companies posting trucking jobs and hiring drivers. Here are a few examples of trucking companies currently advertising team jobs that may be worthy of your consideration.

Based in Birmingham, AL, Action Dedicated has an immediate need for solo and team company drivers for a variety of driving jobs, included dedicated run. Drivers will enjoy great home time, benefits, and equipment with Action Dedicated.

Pride Transport is a national trucking company that offers excellent pay, CDL training, and a family environment. Bring your team driver with you or allow Pride to find you a compatible driver match and you will be on the road, clocking miles and working your way toward incentive pay in no time.

With Roadrunner Freight, Owner Operator teams can earn up to $350,000 per year. As a partner with Roadrunner Freight, you are supported by the Contractor Relations team, located in Downers Grove, IL. The. this team consists of experienced, passionate individuals who want to make a difference for you and are available around the clock. 

USA Truck invites truck drivers of all experience levels to learn about their exciting truck driving job opportunities and career paths offered, including regional, dedicated, OTR and team fleets. USA Truck is a Certified Top Pay Carrier that offers driver much more than just a high-paying trucking career.

Trucking companies offer a wide range of opportunities for team drivers. Your search may center on several factors, including pay, types of assignments, distances and more. makes it easy for you to find the perfect team driving job.

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