Team Trucking Jobs | CDLjobs.comTeam trucking jobs provide great opportunities for drivers who want more interaction on the road, want to take on longer hauls, or are in a business partnership or marriage that involves two drivers with CDLs. Team truck driving jobs typically involve two drivers sharing one job, either by switching off during driving to keep the truck on the road longer, or switching across states so that two drivers who wish to remain close to home trade off a load part way.

These kinds of CDL jobs are a popular option for drivers because they increase interaction with other people on the road, and allow a job to be completed in less time, as the truck spends more time on the road. They are equally popular with companies hiring drivers, as loads tend to get delivered in a more timely manner and down time is reduced. If you are looking for team trucking jobs, you will find that has the perfect platform for your search for trucking companies hiring drivers.

Team Trucking Jobs Can Make Life on the Road Fun 

As truck driving jobs go, team jobs have many benefits that can improve your work experience as a trucker. First, you will find that life on the road is less lonely with company to drive with you. Experiences and travel burdens can be shared, making your travel time more enjoyable and easier. Particularly on long trips, this is an important factor to keeping your career enjoyable. A traveling companion can also make travel simpler with a second pair of eyes on the road and a partner to help share paperwork and logging responsibilities.

Second, trucking companies often prefer team drivers, as the shared responsibility gets loads delivered faster with less downtime for the truck. Team jobs are a great way to approach the trucking lifestyle.

Easy to Find Team Jobs

Team jobs are also a great way to increase your pay and benefits. Because team driving jobs are usually over longer distances, pay is often better, even though it needs to be split between two individuals. At we offer fast and easy search tools to line up your next trucking jobs. Sort by trucking company, truck type, or specialization, such as team driver or owner-operator.

Save hours of time from searching through other job sites and get jobs that fit your qualifications quickly and easily. With years of experience in the trucking industry, we know what you need to find your next job or route quickly, and we know that for drivers, time off the road is money lost. Don’t wait for the right job to pop up on some other website, when you can find team trucking jobs easily and quickly with

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