Truck Driver Job | CDL Jobs Trucking ApplicationsIf you are looking for any kind of truck driver job, or CDL jobs, then you should know the different options that you have available to you. After all, most people think that the trucking industry and most trucking jobs simply involve long distance truck driving jobs and nothing else. In reality, you as the driver can often pick what types of jobs you’re looking for and what types of companies you would like to work for. These options can make a real difference in your quality of life, since many trucking companies often focus on specific types of jobs or on specific regions of transportation.

What options do I have when looking for a truck driver job?

One of the biggest things you should understand when getting into the trucking industry is the difference between driving independently and driving for a company. If you are driving for a company doing a truck driver job, then they own the rig. Company driver jobs have a number of benefits for you, the driver. In short, because the company owns the truck, they take care of all maintenance, insurance, and the like; furthermore, should something unfortunate happen, they will be able to replace the truck nearly instantly because they own a stable of trucks.

If, however, you are operating on your own, then you own the truck yourself and it is your responsibility to make sure that the truck is safe, up to specifications, and has been repaired to your satisfaction. Furthermore, you would not be under the insurance of a company but instead be, essentially, an independent business person. Often called a “doublestuff,” or an O/O, these types of Owner-Operators assume all the risk of running their rig and business, but also may make significantly more money because they can charge more on contract jobs to companies that prefer to work through those types of contract truckers.

Factoring In Other Costs Involved

One factor to consider is medical benefits. As a company driver you would, of course, be covered under whatever plan they offer their employees. As an independent driver, however, you would need to find your own medical coverage, either through a spouse’s plan or by finding and paying for your own health insurance plan.

Some drivers choose to seek medical coverage as an individual; however, there is often a prohibitively large cost involved. Many individuals often experience the same issue when looking for coverage as a small business owner, so you should certainly consider your financial ability and status when looking for these types of trucking jobs. offers some of the best resources towards making the decisions you need when choosing the right kind of truck driver job for you.